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Canadian Music Engineer EmceeKB Drops Real Lyricism In “Numb”

Canadian artist EmceeKB is an independent musical engineer, rapper and talented lyricist. Everything he curates is made by EmceeKB 100%. He pours his blood, sweat and tears into his tracks and only releases the best of the best. Be sure to check out his spectacular debut album “Miled Out”.

“Numb” is the latest track from EmceeKB. The dope hip-hop track has a heavy lyrical presence as EmceeKB weaves through his raw lyricism and flow. The beat is engineered flawlessly, instrumentals add a smooth originality to the track. “Numb” focuses on the ups and downs of real life, and what we do to cope with those struggles. EmceeKB spits truth about his experiences and gives the listener an inside look at his life. He has the admirable quality of making music that his listeners can vibe and relate to. His lyrics can be interpreted based on what’s going on in the individuals life. I recommend you check out this sick track “Numb” and the rest of his impressive repertoire.

Check out “Numb” here!


Connect further with EmceeKB via the artists website!

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