Canadian Pop Artist Releases New Song "I Want Your Love"

Nova Nardi is a Canadian pop artist of Brazilian-Italian descent, currently based in Toronto. Singing since the age of four, Nova honed her talents through the church choir before moving to Montreal with her mother at age fourteen. Growing up listening to pop, classical, and rock music, Nova was influenced by the likes of Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera; by 16 years old, Nova had started writing her own material and following her dreams of a career as a professional singer. The release of her single “I Want Your Love” shows the feisty and sizzling sensational side of this artist giving listeners no option but to fall deeply in love with her. “I just want your love, so come to me” the spicy singer sings in the hook, categorizing this into a song with capability of being added to our love bopping and ‘in your feels’ playlists. My favorite aspect of “I Want Your Love” would most definitely have to be the tasty, salacious danceable beat you can’t forget! A little bit of sexy mix with a little bit of fun and emoted with significant amount of passion is the perfect blend of traits Nova Nardi executed. The track is an eclectic dance pop song with tropical house and Latin undertones!

“I want your love is a positive, uplifting single about pursuing your most passionate

desires, but also speaks on establishing self-love and learning to unite the many

facets of our lives.” - Nova Nardi

Catch your groove with this island hit! Listen to "I Want Your Love".

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