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Canadian Rapper Muhleak Spits Truth In “Angels”

Hailing from Kitchener, Canada is the lyrical mastermind Muhleak. As a talented rapper and lyricist, Muhleak released his first mixtape with DJ Holiday titled “The M Tape”. His latest single, “Angels” is his first release since then and we can’t get enough! Stay on the lookout for Muhleak who is currently working on another tape.

“Angels” features a smooth lyrical flow, quirky bars and contagious punchlines. The rhythmic textures fuse perfectly with Muhleak’s dynamic flow. “Angels” sheds light on the versatility and creativity of Muhleak’s mind. The catchy hook includes smooths vocals and an addictive riff while the verses feature flawless lyricism and precise flow. He talks about real life experiences and dives into a retrospective look at his inner trials, tribulations, and real life experiences. The strong delivery and hard-hitting backbeat make this a summer sizzle. No stranger to success, Muhleak is well known in his area but we know he’ll be a household name soon enough. His style is authentic and original and his come up will be legendary. “Angels” is now available on all streaming platforms!

I highly recommend you check out “Angels” here and read more with Muhleak in our exclusive interview below!  

Welcome to BuzzMusic Muhleak! How did you get started making music?

Honestly I been writing music since I was young, and once I finished school I jus realized how much I loved making music

What is your new track “Angels” all about? What’s your favorite lyric?

Jus despite all the bullshit, I got angels and I got my people with me. I think “more pressure makes the diamonds on the chain” my favourite lyric cause pressure really can make you or break you n imma make it make me better

Your songs have a very powerful lyrical presence. What’s your writing process like? 

I just let my mind n heart speak and numb it down so people can understand 

Do you have any shows, events, or tour dates you’d like to talk about?

Nah, it would be cool to perform I haven’t in a year 

What’s next for Muhleak?

More music, just gotta get my name back out there after I took a long break from music 


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