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Canadian Singer/Songwriter HAVS is Pushing Genre Boundaries

Building a buzz for herself in Winnipeg, Manitoba, HAVS has created a name for herself as an empowering yet soothing Singer/Songwriter. She is best known for her broad and adaptable sound, as well as her ability to push boundaries within her respected genre.

Most recently HAVS has released her single, "Godspeed (feat. Marcothatsall)," in this powerful single we get a taste of HAVS’s soulful styling blended with Marcothatsall gripping production styling. It’s clear that HAVS has proved her own musical capabilities in this track and we think that she has honestly outdone herself with this sultry, empowering, and stimulating single.

HAVS dedication to constantly evolving her craft has made her an artist to watch for. You can be on the lookout for new singles and music videos that she has set to release in 2021. She has also been working on a collaborative project that will include healing songs to accompany meditation practices. There is a lot in store for this incredible artist!

You can learn more about HAVS here.



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