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Canadian Singer-Songwriter KvY Wants To Get To “Know Ya”

Canada-based Nigerian singer-songwriter and Afro-fusion/Afro-pop recording artist KvY invites you to the party in his latest upbeat and passionate single, "Know Ya."

From Bayelsa, Nigeria, KvY has been making music since the ninth grade as a hobby. After releasing a few singles come 2017, KvY found himself creating tracks influenced by names like Frank Ocean, Burna boy, Wizkid, MI, Lil Wayne, and Drake. He takes immense pride in his versatility and ability to merge unique vocals with cadences and flows for a refreshing listening experience.

Having established a fanbase in both Nigeria and Canada, KvY continues to rack up streams with new singles like "Know Ya," a lively and groovy track that perfectly showcases his creative abilities and performance styling.

Hitting play on "Know Ya," this spicy new tune kicks off with lush r&b keys that float into the first verse with KvY's Afro-pop vocals and accompanying Afro-fusion drums that start the party. KvY takes us for a ride with his exciting vocals and lyrics that convey his passion for someone special while hoping they can maintain that spark long after the party's over.

The song's production and sonics keep the groove alive while KvY rides the beat with his rhythmic vocal performance that sparks a fire in our speakers. His confidence, affection, and charisma are something we could experience time and again, and this is a truly perfect song to get to know all that KvY has to offer. He's a passionate powerhouse, and this song showcases it all.

Don't walk; run your fingers over to your music service and hit play on KvY's new single, "Know Ya," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KvY. The energy and good vibes within your new single, "Know Ya," are contagious. What inspired you to create this groovy and passionate piece?

I think the major inspiration behind the creation of Know Ya was to intentionally mark the beginning of a new era, a fresh start, and a different vibe or energy from what I’ve been known to deliver just to show and remind people that this is not a one-way street that I’m rolling through. I’m a very emotional person through and through, so passion is always a given when it comes to KvY music.

What did you have in mind for the overall sound, genre, and vibe of "Know Ya?" How did you want the production to sound and feel?

I personally wanted Know Ya to sound like nothing that’s ever been heard before, as I do for all my songs. I wanted it to be a fusion of genres from the production to the cadence of my delivery, and I think my team and I did an amazing job at achieving just that.

Would you say any artists or projects influenced the sound and style of "Know Ya?" What helped you bring this song to life?

As far as influences go, I wouldn’t say there were any major external influences. Most of it was very authentic and original, a very internal process for me. I was just telling a story of my own personal experience with women in today’s social/dating scene so bringing the song to life just took me channeling my emotions from those experiences and laying them down.

What did you want to make listeners think and feel when hearing "Know Ya?" What sort of effect did you want the song to have on listeners?

I wanted to create the feeling of a fun, bright atmosphere while still having some emotional depth, and of course, I wanted it to be relatable to both men and women above all else. I wanted listeners to hear it and go, “Yeaa he gets it,” lol.

What's next for you?

So much more. A debut project in the works, loads more singles, features, collaborations with tons of different producers, and even a joint project is loading, so don’t sleep cuz we are just getting started. I’m coming for it all!


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