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A Preview Of Candace Devine's Long Awaited EP “Here We Are”

Candace Devine releases her electrifying, vocally dynamic and explosive EP called “Here We Are.” It begins with the jazzy pop single “Over Getting Over You”. “Getting Over You” begins with the sensational jazz like sounds of the piano keys and guitar. We became immensely impressed by Candace Devine’s solid vocal presence, she proves to be a singing powerhouse with the belt of the addictive hook. We interpreted from this record that it’s the empowering “Get him back” anthem. Candace continues the empowering female anthems with a more sultry and sensual record, “Treat Me Like A Lady”. With a hint of edge and grit, Candace showcases her delinquency in this electric rock hit. The feminine energy projected with a tough deliverance was a fascinating mix we thoroughly enjoyed. Next, “One More Night”, our personal favorite transitions in. It begins with a soulful serenaded melody, however the soul she produced becomes more apparent around the hook. It just felt like an orchestrated choir production yet it was just the exuberant vocals of Candace Devine. Her skills as a vocalist makes soulful records like this more sensational for the listener. You feel every note and become emotionally attached to the single. Next up, “Givin It Up” has this classic vibe while sticking to her soul pop aesthetic she has. I love how timeless Candace Devine voice is. With the right kind of backtrack instrumental, she can no doubt about it deliver memorable hits we will be singing along too, 10 years from now. “Givin It Up” is a representation of that. The next song to transition is called “Here We Are” the title of the actual EP project. The riveting record propels the entire meaning of the album forward. I believe it’s the feminine and powerful sound that makes the song pop alongside the already vibrant collective. The finishing record “Won’t Back Down” closes off the journey of freedom and liberation within oneself. Overall, Candace Devine delivered a well-rounded album with many moments of inversive lyricism and powerful vocals. The amount of soul contained in this made us huge fans. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the melody of the different records, and “Here We Are” is a huge success.

Pre-save Canace Devine's new EP "Here We Are" (releasing on February 22) here, and learn more about Candace Devine in our interview below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers Candace Devine?

Hi Everyone, I’m Candace Devine

I’m here to sing songs for your listening pleasure!

What has been the most prominent moment of your career thus far?

Well, I look at my career thus far and feel like I’ve had a career chalked full of beginnings, starting points, prominent moments, dots that have been connected waiting for the next dot to line up…

I was a backup singer for Christina Aguilera and that felt HUGE to me. I was in a successful Duo called “David & Devine,” we were signed to ICM and opened for incredible super stars and THAT felt grand and prominent to me. I had the absolute GREAT fortune to co-write a tune with Mindi Abair and have it make it onto her Grammy Nominated Album, “Wild Heart” and that felt MASSIVE and prominent to me. I have had placements with my songs which has helped me be able to keep making music (so that's amazing) and yet, here I am. “Here We Are.” I don’t want to sound ungrateful and I certainly don’t want to downplay the landmarks I have reached, but my guess is many of your listeners have never heard a note come out of my mouth or even know what my musical stylings sound like. Success, prominence, high notes…it’s all relative. I feel my WHOLE journey has been a wonderful one and one I wouldn’t trade. I continue working for my own heart happiness, the hope that what I have done has touched someone somewhere, and with the idea that my MOST PROMINENT moment is always yet to come.

Tell us a little bit about “Here We Are” the EP in your own short summary?

Here We Are” is a compilation of groovy heart felt songs that have threads of 70’s singer songwriter, pop soul, r&b. As I was recording I kept calling it my “kitchen cleaning music.” The kind of EP you put on to feel comfortable in your home, in your own skin, sitting in traffic trying not to dislike every car around you. It is a whole piece. Something to take in and enjoy from top to bottom. Growing up I loved FULL albums. A journey from start to finish. That’s what my goal was for this EP. It’s an EP you can relax and be yourself to.

Has there been any moments of distress during the production of this EP?

I must be honest and say, no. I am aware that people instinctively like drama. The underdog, the triumph. This EP was quite the opposite. The whole project was positive, exciting, and FUN! This is my first SOLO project in a decade, and it took 3 years off just being a mommy to be ready to make it. Once I was ready, I was READY. All the stars lined up and the experience of recording at The Sound Emporium Studio (THEE LEGENDARY SOUND EMPORIUM) with my dear friend and mega bad ass, Slim Gambill (Lead Guitarist of Lady Antebellum) was beyond thrilling, it was SPECIAL! Everyone involved with this EP is an incredible human being from top to bottom and went out of their way to keep the energy vibrating at the highest possible level. I felt so loved, cared for, and in the best hands during the whole process.

Which has been your favorite song to write so far and why?

For me the title track is my favorite because of how and why it was written. I wrote it for my parents on their 30th wedding anniversary. I wrote it on my piano my grandmother gave me that was originally my Great Grandmothers piano (who I was named after). Now that I am married with a family of my own, it has taken on its own meaning to me in my own life. It's a picture of long lasting love. Love that isn’t perfect. Love that grows . Love that is challenged and love that wins.

Out of all the releases on “Here We Are”, which in your opinion do you feel holds the most impactful meaning?

I think my cover of “Won’t Back Down.” I believe my version of the song brings a new and different layer to its weight and fight. The original is flawless and I certainly never set out to in anyway improve it. There’s no doing that. However, bringing a female voice to such powerful words in my opinion just adds a different spice to it. We are in a time where we are all fighting for something. We are fighting to keep it together, to keep families together, to keep marriages together, to keep the earth together, to keep children safe at school, to keep people fed, racial equality, gender equality, religious equality, LGBTQ, #metoo, #timesup, fighting cancer - (sidenote - #f*ckcancer), healthcare, our debt, our mental health, our global position, our national divisiveness, our system, pharmaceuticals, what’s in our food, our own personal demons…and the list goes on and on. This song speaks to all of it for all of us. I hope my version of this song gives everyone a voice to keep their chin up, shake off the punches and bruises and keep fighting their fight.

What’s next for you?

Oh, who knows?! As I said in the beginning of these questions so many times I thought prominent moments would be “the thing” to get me to a place where I could do music solely and forever…and Here We Are. I don’t think that’s how life works. Connecting the dots. That’s all there is. But, if I’m gonna put something out there, lets just say I’d LOVE to be up for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys 2020 or 2021…why not? Stranger things have happened, I suppose. So let’s go with that. That’s what’s next. :) But there is one thing I can certainly tell you, the journey has been a BLAST and I am thankful…and you can find me playing shows and singing my butt off all over the place in the meantime.


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