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Canek Touches Listeners to Their Core As He Examines the Individuality of Emotional Healing

Mexican-French singer-songwriter Canek uses his passion for classical and pop music to write authentic personal tracks that remain mainstream for listeners.

Participating in the international choir, musicals, and other various plays beginning at the young age of 13, Canek gained a love for classical music that drove him to complete his bachelor of arts in musicology.

His newest single “You and Him,” is a part of Canek’s first EP that is to be released this coming year and examines a sense of vulnerability that references classical instrumentals in connection with pop music.

“You and Him” is a single filled with touching piano sounds and string quartets that dive deep and explores a connection between two individuals. It is filled with immense amounts of emotion and soft vocals that will move even the toughest of individuals and connect them together.

As the track continues to build, the high-pitched vocals keep the intensity lighter while still managing to be a pop track focused on sorrow and heartbreak. Canek found himself using this single and EP to heal and process through emotions he felt tied to as he expanded his horizons to work within various musical genres.

“You and Him” allows listeners to connect with the touching sounds and understand that each individual processes emotion at their own pace making it a must-listen too that everyone can relate to.

Your newest single “You and Him” is filled with so much emotion, What was the production process like for you when creating this piece?

I’m so happy and honored to do this interview with you guys! It’s so crazy, looking back at the first stages of the song. “You and Him” was written on a tiny keyboard in my apartment in France, with just a voice note and simple chords. Now it’s out, with a colossal string & vocal arrangement, with the help of my amazing producer Manolo Durán. The production process was like therapy for me. I needed to write the song for me first and foremost, to have a lullaby to heal the pain and put it to sleep. Nevertheless, it was also extremely scary being this vulnerable. I didn’t want to relive the memories every time I sang it but fortunately, it was totally the opposite: the more I worked on it, the more relieved I felt.

It’s super interesting that your background is franco-Mexican, how do you think this influenced your unique personal sound?

I consider that my franco-Mexican origins are really attached to my strong emotional and romantic side. I am a Latino, we generally speak and laugh loudly, we love to meet new people, we’re friendly and not at all introverted. We are not afraid to express our emotions, at least that’s my personal point of view. On the other hand, french people are more intimate, more stripped back, leaning towards melancholy and fragility in the most beautiful and purest way. You can hear it even on the way they sing, with artists such as Carla Bruni, Angèle, Barbara, which I love.

What are you most excited about for listeners to hear on your upcoming EP?

I am really excited for my listeners to experience the healing journey on my EP. Starting with my song “You and Him”, the beginning of the story, followed by the consequences and turmoil of it all, and finally the need to move on and find happiness again. I also hope they are going to find comfort and feel less lonely in their own heartbreak. If there is one thing that unites us is love, lack of love, family, friendship. We are in this together.

You mentioned that your love for classical music began at such a young age, other than your background in choir and musical theatre was there any specific individual who inspired you when creating your connecting and emotional music?

When creating my music, I’m inspired by individuals who are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and be vulnerable. I’m inspired by individuals who share their darkest moments in order to heal and bring awareness to others. For me, that’s the exact definition of courage. Furthermore, I’m really into artists that push the boundaries in terms of gender and music, that are not afraid to experiment creatively. What comes to mind right now is David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Christine and The Queens, and the ballad queen Adele.

What can we expect to see next?

I’ve been working on my next project for a couple of weeks now. The only thing I can tell you is that it’s completely different from what you’re hearing right now. It’s still very nostalgic and melancholic but tremendously upbeat and pops. It’s time to dance and have fun. We can say that my upcoming EP “Lamento” is an ode to my classical roots and the second project an ode to my profound love of pop music.



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