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Cape Town Pop Artist Yorxe Releases Her Dark and Edgy Single “Hide Your Bodies”

Coming from Cape Town, South Africa, pop artist Yorxe returns with another dark pop tune titled “Hide Your Bodies”. Producing and writing since she was 13, Yorxe has entertained a variety of audiences onboard world-class cruise liners, as well as through busking on the streets of Cape Town. On Yorxe’s latest single “Hide Your Bodies” she blends together the likes of alternative-rock and dark pop, creating her own unique sound full of bass, synths, as well as real-time instrumentation like piano and electric guitar. All while serenading us with her clear and sultry vocals, tying together the track’s lyrical concepts.

“Hide Your Bodies” opens with somber electric guitar overtop muffled electro drum patters. Anticipating the initial downbeat where we’re met with Yorxe’s indulgent vocals with added texture to the songs underlying production. Small yet sufficient production effects keep Yorxe’s sound as fresh and new as possible, keeping us at the edge of our seat. As the track progresses, the instrumentation rises to a crescendo until the release of the chorus and Yorxe’s authentic lyrics like “You’ll be singing with the heathens, you’ll be dancing with your demons, feeling everything and nothing at all”. From lyrical delivery to the exciting production, Yorxe has purely created a skilled and unpredictable track leaving us wanting more.

Listen to "Hide Your Bodies" here and get to know more about Yorxe in our interview below.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Yorxe! We’re incredibly intrigued by your raw exciting sound on your latest single “Hide Your Bodies”. Could you share what sparked the inspiration for Yorxe to write such creative and relentless lyrics?

The concept sort of came about in a writing session I was in where I felt like humans have a lot of dirt and secrets we like to hide away from each other which in itself is pretty ironic since we all, in reference to the track, have skeletons in our closets. I think I’m just trying to address that frantic urge we all have to tuck away and bury all our issues like we’re the only ones that have them.

Your overall sound is very unique and rhythmic, could you expand on what steered Yorxe in this direction to create a heavier and darker aspect to pop music?

I think I grew up on a lot of strange, lyrically-heavy, darker music like Pink Floyd and Radiohead and I’ve always been intrigued by how far you can go sonically when it comes to constructing a piece of music. I try not to constrict myself too much with what I allow myself to create- the stranger the better, I mean those have always been the songs that have stuck with me anyway.

Your single “Hide Your Bodies” serves riveting production, perfectly supporting your vocals and lyrics. Could you share what the creative process was like when producing the elements to Yorxe’s “Hide Your Bodies”?

I think with this track the approach was to try and embody the lyrics in the best way possible with the style that would work best, it started with a guitar riff that paved the way for the rest of the sound, there wasn’t much of end goal in mind but it was more of a track that built itself from the ground up.

We’ve heard that you’ve been producing and writing music since the age of 13. Fast forward 8 years, did you ever expect to be creating what you create today? How has your music grown with you over time?

I’ve definitely learned a lot of things and have changed quite a bit, I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is to stop trying to sound like one thing and that my opinion isn’t the only one, or even the best one for that matter. I’m really happy with where I am now, I think I’ll continue to evolve and I hope in doing that the sound can only get stronger. My confidence has come a long way too and 13 years old I would be proud, I still hit a rut sometimes but overall I’m embracing and loving the space I’m in with my music.



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