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Captivating Listeners with his Story, Crazy City Unravels "Knew Me"

Hip-hop artist Crazy City has deemed himself The Wolf of New York as he brings forth his conscious, reality-based style to the music industry.

From his southpaw flow, visual rhyme patterns, and captivating hooks, Crazy City is a stand-alone powerhouse with a vision of his own.

With his latest single, “Knew Me,” Crazy City recruits artists M6, Mad Bling and JG as he continues to establish his name as an up and coming artist making larger than life moves.

Buried in the depths of “Knew Me,” there is a menacing essence brewing. The record carries forth the dominance of heavy hitter Crazy City as he approaches the mesmerizing instrumentation with a hunger in his vocal performance as The Wolf of New York.

Demonstrating his slick cadences that ride the beat like a California wave, Crazy City radiates a spirited confidence in his lyricism that we all secretly wish we had. “Knew Me,” illustrates a representation about how the world will go on thinking they know the real you, but as soon as you follow the ever-growing evolution that life has set out for you, they put on a façade and decimate the relationship in which they were once present in your life.

Draping the leading quintessence of the record in Crazy City’s passionate verses, his lyrical abilities are complimented in a vibrant manner with each artist on this track offering up a diverse flavour. Passionately rapping about how he had to do everything for himself until he found the fortifying support that he can add to his Wolf Pack, Crazy City’s performance is a hard hitting groove in the realm of new wave Hip-hop as it holds elements from the nostalgic fundamentals Hip-hop was raised on.

Leading the pack, we know this won’t be the last we hear from Crazy City as he continues clawing his way to the top.

Congratulations on the release of “Knew Me.” Welcome to BuzzMusic, Crazy City! We felt like we were able to learn a lot about who you are as an artist from this record. How important do you think it is to be vulnerable with your fans while spreading your music?

Thanks a lot, when recording my music all I want to do is to get my message across as best as possible. I think it's important to stay truthful with my fans as I call them wolves, to understand we are all fighting the same fight, it doesn't matter what color crayon you are in the crayon box we are all in it together.

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like for “Knew Me”?

To be honest, I was thinking of an action/thriller movie with fast-paced action. As you can hear from my verse it just boom, boom, boom, right to the point. The featured acts also played their part in this movie as you listen to the build-up.

How was your experience collaborating with M6, Mad Bling, and JG for this track?

Collaborating with these artists was great, the energy from all of them made this song what it is. M6 with is a hardcore street and I am going to teach you vibe, Mad Bling with his joking but the still serious vibe, and JG with his making money and this is me now vibe, everything just matched up perfectly. Also, they are very good at what they do, so this was very high energy and quick knockout song.

What words of wisdom would you give to anyone feeling like a lone wolf out in the world?

If you are feeling like a lone wolf just know that you are always going to be hungry and there are 24hr's in a day, which means you have to get up and do something for yourself. Doesn't mean you need to make a million dollars right now or run the biggest company, just work on yourself and your goals every day. If it's just reading 5 pages a day it's something, if it's just doing 10 push-ups and jogging up the block it's something and the best part about it's for you. Remember this, there are kids born in this world with issues and dying of cancer and wish they could have your life, so fight till you die for those that can't fight. One last thing, real support is going to come right when you realize you need to support yourself first. No one in this world is going to live for you, in this world we call life.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you, as we enter a new year?

What kept me inspired in 2020? Realizing that I don't control what's going to happen tomorrow, we are in this weird time of sickness, hate, and honestly the wild, wild west. Why sit and wait, when I know how talented I am, I have a legacy I am building for myself and I am the only one who can do that for myself. Waited before and that didn't get me anywhere, just stress and life telling me you can't run away from what you are supposed to truly be doing. What can the world expect from Crazy City? "Knew Me" the music video releasing around the end of this month, my project Wolf Season releasing the top of 2021 mostly in January. More music, more content, more podcast episodes from "Vision, Vibes, and BS", more things coming out of Hostile Flight Music. It's a Wolf Thing...Crazy.



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