Captivating, Slick Indie Release of “Lima” by Parlors

Brothers Matt and Dan Fullam have joined with friends, Matt DaSilva and Hart Mechlin to create the sound known as Parlors. It started when Dan received his first drum set from "Santa" when he was in 5th grade. The duo started to gain inspiration and passion for music, striving for more they added DaSilva as bassist and Mechlin as lead guitarist. This crowd-pleasing alternative indie rock band creates an energic tune, influenced by; Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Queens of the Stone Age, and COIN. Parlors are native to New York City. When asked what their music is striving for, Dan states “we half-jokingly call our sound desert rock on the beach”. The dichotomy of desert guitar and beachy melodies create a unique and creative vibration.

In 2018, Parlors released a collection composed of; “A Night out of Dallas”, “Glass Bricks” and “State Lines”. Building from this success the group released “Lemon Ice” in 2019. In June, the song was critically acclaimed by Two Story Melody noting that “it bleeds raw crowd-pleasing energy”. “Stucco”, was recognized by Original Rock as an “old world desert grit and modern urban energy that begs to be heard live”.

In November of this year, “Lima” was released and has been scheduled for live performance throughout New York City. “Lima” has the perfect combination of slick dance chords, hand-clapping energy and a beat that will carry you from fall to spring. A perfect addition and display of the group’s growth and what's yet to come in 2020. Keep this track close! It's one of those tracks that you can find on all your feel-good playlists.

Listen to "Lima" here.