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Captivating Songstress and Producer Jenna Leigh-Raine Shares New Music!

Jenna Leigh-Raine is an incredible singer/songwriter and electronic rock artist. Previously featured on BuzzMusic for her single “Importance Of Being Zero”, Jenna is back with a spectacular, cinematic new project titled “AREA”. This album focuses on themes of real-life and living in an era of space and human evolution. It begs the question, “Was your time on this earth spent well?”. Jenna aims to take her listeners on a musical journey through space and time. She hopes that her fans can find a moment of escapism and drift away to the powerful moments throughout “AREA”. The meaningful imagery that’s infused into every piece of music that Jenna Leigh-Raine creates is not only admirable but extremely impressive.

This album truly showcases her versatility and overall talent as an independent artist. Recorded between London and Los Angeles, “AREA” is a brilliant new piece of musical bliss. Jenna Leigh-Raine has amassed a large fanbase after the success of her punk-rock track “Importance OF Being Zero” and we’re sure her fans will enjoy this different side of her through the new album “AREA”. Jenna Leigh-Raine just finished this album and already has more new music in the works. Stay on the lookout for this rising star! 

Check out “AREA” here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Jenna Leigh-Raine, welcome back! "AREA" was the perfect song to kick off your album. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track and experimental new sound?

I was creating an insular sound to explore life alone while imagining living on a different planet, as I'm sure future humans will. But not just human but hybrid and machine men women. Finally, the whole album asks us to question if we're happy in our Time'.

What predominant message was integrated within "AREA" that you hope your listeners take away from it?

I used the image of a single astronaut crashing on a lone planet knowing they won't make it back so, recounts their life. Leaving us with very human profound thinking. We are all energy be kind and brave as life moves to quite a real changing era on earth and space. The sound is bringing together both a future electronic rock with a cinematic wall of sound. I hope the listener stops looks think questions and loves it.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this album release? Any shows in the near future?

Recently I signed a publishing contract for the world and that has given a far wider scope for my music to be heard and used on stage film TV. I cannot yet reveal but there is talk about me supporting a bigger act currently on tour with a British music icon. You will be the first to know. Dates in the UK first and a possible showcase at Whisky A Go-Go which I've been asked to do already but still trying to schedule. My album is out 8th November and available at my Bandcamp Jenna Leigh-Raine and through Rough Trade records stores UK / NYC or on their online link. Finally Tower Records Japan we hope and Amoebe LA. I am currently recording the next album due out May 2020.

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