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Capturing Sounds in an Ethereal Realm, Adrian Jose Delivers "Astronomical Freestyle"

Silver Spring, MD-born, Chicago-hailing alt-hip hop artist Adrian Jose debuted in 2018 with his single ‘Solo Yo’. In 2021, with 13 releases under their creative belt, it is safe to say that the polished signature sound which revolves around glassy atmospheric instrumentals paired with wavy lyrics, ensures that the essence of their sound is the stylish evocative potential it contains.

Showcasing his artistic skillset on the debut EP ‘Astronomical,’ Adrian Jose redefines the perception of cloud rap as he shapes the mind-altering essence of the project through a contemporary soundscape. Mixed and mastered by the engineering techniques of Cash, we focus our attention on the introductory single from the project, “Astronomical Freestyle.”

Welcoming listeners into an ethereal realm of musicality as the Yng Shaq produced record weaves a sense of ambiguity into the instrumentation, Adrian Jose can be heard rapping cognizant words that flex his lyrical dexterity in a way that channels insightful solipsism. Exuding a brilliant display of smooth cadences that ride the waves of the beat, the punchiness of Adrian Jose’s vocal lay-ups fit right in the pocket of buoyant dimension as this trait emphasizes the vitality of this record.

Coming from a place of mental realizations, lyrics such as ‘the way I process all my thoughts, you’d think my planet is methodical,’ have us truly grasping the quintessence of Adrian Jose as a fruitful creative. Preparing us for the dynamism that is deeply explored on this five-track release, Adrian Jose ushers listeners into his otherworldly fusion of electronic Hip-hop melodies that cast a light on redirected energy.

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