Caramel Smooth Heaven Releases New Album + Single "Blue Clouds"

Caramel Smooth Heaven is a Producer for The Caffeinated Collective that's

influenced by assorted house artists, garage artists, and my peers”. In a nutshell, Caramel

Smooth Heaven, creates lo-fi, ambient experimental tracks. October 26 is the set date for

the release of Caramel Smooth Heaven’s album. Make sure to check Caramel Smooth

Heaven out on Soundcloud, where Kaiseki Digital premieres a single off of their

upcoming album titled, “The Shallows”.

The description for this song is an atmospheric,nonlinear experience of drowning

in the ocean. The newest single, “Blue Clouds” is a fusion of ambient, lo-fi, and garage experimental music. It ranges from its syncopated beats to its wah-wah intervals and

echoes. Caramel Smooth Heaven brings the listener some futuristic vibes which blends

nicely with its lo-fi basis.This track brings a new light onto lo-fi and ambient music

which will leave you wanting to spend hours in this vibin' state. The varying textures of

sounds allow for a depth of auditory perception allowing the listener to be completely

encapsulated by the music.

Make sure to stay tuned for October 26 so you won’t miss the release of Caramel Smooth Heaven’s album! It's definitely one you're going to want to add to your playlist.

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