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Caravan Palace Takes It Back To The 30s On Their Dynamic New Release “MAD”

The Parisian trio continues to redefine genres on their lead single for “Gangbusters Melody Club.”

Photo Credit: Yannis Nivault

Throughout their illustrious career, the common thread that has united Parisian trio Caravan Palace’s releases has been their willingness to thoroughly and consistently defy musical genres and conventions.

How would one even begin to describe their sound? Dynamic, idiosyncratic, and unpredictable, you’ll hear traces of soul, swing, funk, French touch, jazz, and more with a contemporary touch. Although their sound is unique, they’ve also mastered balancing their distinct style with the commercial, leading to worldwide fame and success.

Embraced by creators of multiple disciplines, including dancers, video animators, and their peers, Caravan Palace has already established itself as a significant force in the music scene. For instance, their single “Lone Digger” is RIAA Platinum certified, and with each new release, their iconic discography grows to be even more impressive. With their latest album, “Gangbusters Melody Club,” also making waves, it’s clear that the Parisian trio haven’t lost their touch, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll put out next.

“MAD” is the lead single for “Gangbusters Melody Club” and another impressive entry in a long line of dynamic and captivating releases. The title refers to a 1930s radio broadcast and the expression going gangbusters, meaning something is exciting.

The vintage jazz and swing sound for which Caravan Palace became famous is back in full force on this release, and when you add touches of electronica to this mix, we can’t help but feel that “MAD” is a masterclass in execution.

Caravan Palace member Charles Delaporte states that in their quest to make music that was different but not too complicated, the band set out to deconstruct anything. The result was liberation, and you can hear the freeness underlining their creative ethos on “MAD.”A fantastic, unique release that hints at the grand musical world Caravan Palace has created, “MAD” stands tall even within an already star-studded discography.

Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Caravan Palace’s new release, “MAD,” on all Majour streaming platforms. Check out the album “Gangbusters Melody Club” on all major streaming platforms.


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