.carbonated. Delivers A Psychotomimetic Hit!

Carbonated released their single titled “Empathy”. One of the unique characteristics of this song was the whole funky psychedelic element. The synthesizers i heard were magnificent and I personally isn’t the most familiar with this specific subgenre of rock music however “Empathy” plays as a good ‘first impression’ record that helps me get a good idea of the genre as a whole. It instantly begins with multi-colorful instrumental before carbonated idiosyncratic vocals transitions in. their voice is quite unique. It’s obviously distinguishable and doesn’t seem to be a cardboard copy of any other artist that’s in the industry today. However, that individualistic trait makes them more of a pop out band in my opinion. They show off their dynamic voice in different parts of the song, allowing melodramatic belts to progress the hit forward. The five piece, indie band from toronto canada who met in 2017 is here to stay and we don’t see them going anywhere!

Listen to "Empathy" here and get to know .carbonated. more in our interview below!