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Cardamone Breaks Hearts With Her “Killer” New Song

Rarely does one come across an artist with a voice as powerful as their lyrics, but pop singer-songwriter Cardamone effortlessly demonstrates musical prowess in her new single “Killer.”

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Cardamone has travelled worldwide as a professional dancer performing with big names such as Justin Bieber and Flo Rida before pursuing her true passion in music. After exercising intensive vocal training and learning the ins and outs of creating hit songs, she’s developed a unique sound that captivates listeners within seconds.

“Killer” opens up with a hauntingly beautiful piano melody which evokes a feeling of wonder, curiosity and unease, immediately drawing the audience in for the ride. This introduction sets the stage for Cardamone’s alluring vocals, which flawlessly intertwine with the melody.

The listeners are transported into the first verse, where the plot unfolds, revealing the hidden intentions she holds within the relationship. With every phrase, the melody swells into an ever-expansive harmony, accentuated by the crescendo of a string ensemble. The pairing of the chilling piano and comforting violins draws a balance between the fragility and innocence of a new relationship to the raw and unstable nature of one that is damaged.

As the song progresses into the bridge, Cardamone displays her wide vocal range, easily hitting a B3 soprano note. Her voice is phonetic gold; it’s bold, sultry and soulful. Every note she hits evokes emotion and displays her expertise regarding her refined vocal register and expression.

The chorus climaxes when Cardamone unveils the unfortunate reality that everything she loves inevitably ends. Though the message is disheartening, her mesmerizing delivery renders the revelation bittersweet, a juxtaposition that the most skilled lyricists can only execute.

The song closes with an eerie symphony that seems to echo in the listener’s ears, leaving them stuck in a trance until they can snap out of it to hit replay. This song is a must-listen.

“Killer” is available now on all platforms.

Welcome to Buzz Cardamone! Your lyricism truly shines on “Killer” Can you share your inspiration for creating such a dynamic and powerful track?

Thank you! It was based on a relationship where I would try to dress and style my current boyfriend like my ex because I wasn’t over him. That storyline and a James Bond soundtrack vibe were the intentions.

Your voice is mesmerizing on “Killer,” whether you’re singing in a soft sultry tone or belting higher notes during the chorus. How have you developed your vocal range and technique throughout the years?

That’s very kind. I work very hard on singing with dynamics, so I’m glad it shined through. I like to think of myself as a very emotional singer, so I sing based on what I’m feeling, whether happy, angry, or sexy.

How would you describe your style of music, and were there any influences that helped you find your sound?

I would describe my music as combining pop, soul and rock. Amy Winehouse was a big influence growing up. Her honesty and tragedy inspired me to be real.

“Killer” beautifully demonstrates your vocal and lyrical abilities. As you continue to grow as an artist, where do you envision yourself musically in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects you’re looking forward to sharing?

I have an EP coming out this year, accompanied by many shows. I am looking forward to sharing more music with y’all.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you want to collaborate with and why?

Michael Jackson. He was the King of pop. I would learn a lot from him, and we could also put on a show full of dance.


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