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Caribbean Rap Songstress Sharon Bellah Delivers New Hit “Think Big”

In a specific industry that has been dominated by the male population for so long, a new wave of female rappers are taking over the game, and Sharon Bellah is the next deemed prodigy that could become our next raptress in the game! Sharon Bella is a 24 year old who comes from a Caribbean background that includes both Jamaican and Trinidadian. Sharon Bellah believes the Caribbean-American music crowd is highly slept on and she’s here, proving to us that there is some serious talent we shouldn’t be snoozing around. She released her single titled “Think Big” to show us she’s the next big thing on the rise. “Think Big” has this dope beat to support her exclusive flow and detailed bars that could translate well across many radio airwaves and stations. There’s something intriguing about female rappers that automatically grasp peoples attention and get them interested in the music. Queen Latifah said it herself. They have this specific feminine power that immediately becomes luring to their listeners, especially hardcore hip-hop lovers because they begin to wonder “how hard can she deliver?” and when they do deliver just like how Sharon Bellah did, people become twice the fan due to their misconstrued perception that rap music is only catered towards the male population. A product of New York City, Sharon Bellah and her single “Think Big” is going to be the force we wouldn’t see coming!

Don't miss out on Sharon Bellah's "Think Big" by adding this track to your Spotify playlist!

Scroll below to get to know Sharon Bellah a little better through the artist's exclusive interview!


Knowing you come from a Caribbean background, how has this musically impacted your artistry?

Coming from a West Indian background I grew up with a lot of music around me, culturally, reggae and of course hip hop and R&B.

This inspired me to create a sound and I call my type of music Carribean American music. 

What inspired you to curate the artist name “Sharon Bellah”?

The name Sharon Bellah comes from my personality. Sharon is the focused mother who works so hard that later on at night it brings out Bellah, which is the fun spontaneous Sharon. Bellah is more of the person you would call to attend a party or a vacation for a complete turn up; my girlfriends know the vibe. Some people know me as Sharon, some people know me as Bellah, either way you always get the same fun bun!

What’s the vibe that “Think Big” gives?

Think big came about as soon as I heard the beat. It gave me a west coast vibe & it made me think of sending the message out to people: Stop doing favors & think about yourself. Think about how much more fun & happier you can be without being distracted by leeches. There are various meanings to the song, it depends on the listener. You get me?

If you can collaborate with any female rapper of your choice who would you select and why?

If there would be any female rapper I would work with it would be Nicki Minaj, you know why ? No matter what, she gives us good music, she’s very versatile & I love it. She’s about her coin, everything she does she does it for her fans and I can relate. Nicki doesn’t please one type of crowd; she pleases everyone, reaching all kinds.

What's next for you through 2019?

For 2019 my plan is to drop a bomb mixtape that I’m working on right now actually & of course continue leveling up, working on my brand. Just basically work work work, I have a lot of new things coming soon look out for me! 


Connect with Sharon Bellah on the artists website and socials:


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