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Carlie Hanson’s “Starting Tomorrow” Is A Reminder To Seize The Day

From Wisconsin to California, emotive singer-songwriter and explorative recording artist Carlie Hanson graces the speakers with an inspiring new single, "Starting Tomorrow."

The 23-year-old singer deeply dissected the journey of homesickness in her sophomore album, Wisconsin, exploring her move from La Crosse to Los Angeles. With early influences like Avril Lavigne and Evanescence, Carlie Hanson's YouTube covers have garnered the attention of producers and even Taylor Swift, who acknowledged her song "Only One" in 2017.

In her newest single, "Starting Tomorrow," Carlie Hanson offers an essential reminder for listeners worldwide. This striking anthem soaks our speakers in alternative rock vibes. At the same time, Carlie Hanson expresses our limited time on this earth and how we might not be motivated today, but tomorrow always offers a fresh start.

This captivating single softly opens with gentle acoustic guitar picking and airy background pads alongside Carlie Hanson's warm and soothing vocals. While expressing the time wasted and points missed, she acknowledges a routine that makes her feel trapped and unable to move onward and upward.

Yet, as "Starting Tomorrow" continues, the instrumentals gradually expand on the hook, punching the speakers with chilling arrangements and relatable lyrics. Carlie Hanson perfectly depicts how common it is to feel stagnant, but she quickly reminds us that the future isn't guaranteed, so even if it means starting tomorrow, it's better than not starting at all.

This new single is an important reminder to seize every day, every moment. Even when feeling down and out, Carlie Hanson reminds us that a fresh start is always within reach. Find the compelling new single, "Starting Tomorrow," on all digital stretaming platforms.

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