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Carlos David Releases All His Heartfelt Notions in “T.P.M. (Todo Para Mi) [English Remix]”

Born on the Island of Puerto Rico, with two musically inclined parents Carlos David has known music his entire life.

As an independent artist, Carlos David speaks on lived experiences in the music that he creates. Filled with rhythm, he always ensures that he has a message to relay to his audience. Familiarizing himself with a vast array of genres, Carlos David finds it hard to box himself into a specific genre as he pulls inspiration from numerous forms of music.

Now in Miami, his goal is to continuously release music on a regular basis in order to allow people to get to know the real him through each intoxicating melody.

Buttery vocals and an undeniable knack to harmonize are what Carlos David provides in his latest single, “T.P.M. (Todo Para Mi) [English Remix].” Opulent guitar chords progress in the instrumentation as you’re overthrown by the warmth and adoration that pours from Carlos David’s passion-filled performance.

Prevailing croons immerse your speakers in a fervent outpour of indulgent verses and a compulsive hook that has you singing right back to Carlos David in pure infatuation. It’s hard not to be doused in the true essence of his artistry as you take this piece in. A mid-tempo rhythm pulses with momentum as you long for the honeyed timbres to come back to your speakers once the song comes to a halt.

Translated to English, the title means "all for me," or as we hear repetitiously through the chorus, “you’re everything to me;” and that’s exactly what the lyrical content reflects. The original smooth ballad was released in 2018 with a piano forward progression flowing with your body to the melodies fashioned. We’ll level with you; we unconditionally admire the two versions as they provide a deep sense of who Carlos David is behind the pen.

“T.P.M. (Todo Para Mi) [English Remix],” thrives as a stimulating reproduction of the original creation that Carlos David composed. Bringing life and light to the theme of love once more, it’s true that Carlos David puts forth a message in each song he creates.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Carlos David, and congratulations on the release of “T.P.M. (Todo Para Mi) [English Remix].” What inspired you to take a previously released classic of yours and revive it in English? What inspired you to change the instrumentation to a more guitar-forward foundation?

As a Hispanic, most of my music is in Spanish. Before TPM I had only released one other song in English which was "A.N.E." So I had been wanting to release another English song for a while now but hadn’t been able to find inspiration at all. So I was hitting the 5-year mark of my career as an artist and thought “maybe I can do a translation of my first song ever”. The thing is that I believe whatever language a song is born in, it should stay in that language so it doesn’t lose the essence by trying to make the same song sound good in a different language. So I was a bit unsure of what the outcome would be and yet as I started the process every translated sentence made perfect sense in English. Soon as I finished it felt like I had written an entirely new song cause it sounded so naturally written in English thus making me truly happy with the final outcome. The vision for a more guitar-driven structure came from my good friend Claudio Urdaneta. As soon as I mentioned the idea of remaking an old song of mine he said “Let me take a crack at it!” And so I let him. When he came back with the arrangement I knew that the song remains very stripped in a certain way allowing the guitars to be the star of the track mostly.

How has living in Miami shaped the sound you portray in your music?

Living in Miami has only served to further solidify my confidence in sticking to the Caribbean/Hispanic sounds that shaped my life. Seeing firsthand how non-Spanish speakers gravitate towards our music is extremely gratifying and encouraging. That said, I have discovered some incredible artists because of the friends I’ve met here and these artists have such unique sounds that I was inspired to set on a journey to find my own unique sound. Did I find it yet? Don’t think so. I’m still walking through trying to find it and solidify it. I think Miami has brought out the best of my Puertorican roots.

Could you please take us into what the creative process entailed when structuring a remix? Did this process vary from the typical approach you use when creating from scratch?

The process for creating a remix was very interesting indeed and it did vary greatly at least for me. Having been the main composer for the original track I didn’t want any of the old ideas to contaminate the creative process. Like I had mentioned, Claudio asked to take a crack at arranging something so I took a step back, trusted his input completely and he came back with absolute fire. So I knew that my job would be ten times easier when I heard it the first time. I started by adding a soft lofi beat to the guitar track followed by some vocal effects here and there. After much consideration and feel like the track was missing strength, I decided to put a Bass Guitar in, and for that, I brought another good friend Luis Vidro. He came in and I told him “think ‘Holy’ by Justin” to which he replied “Say no more” after he was done I knew that it needed nothing else.

What does “T.P.M. (Todo Para Mi) [English Remix],” mean to you as the creator? What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

TPM Rmx means that sometimes, as a creator, the story you want to tell should be told on a greater scale than originally envisioned. I wanted people in Puerto Rico and all Latin America to relate to the feelings of love and passion that existed back then and I believe that’s also what I want listeners to take away from this reimagined version of it. The original feelings, the original story of love that was being told back then now being told in a new fresh way.

What's next for you?

Consistency! That’s what’s next! I’m already working on my May release and my June release cause this year is all about being consistent in releasing music. So “T.C.I.” and “B.B.L.U.” are coming. Who knows what can happen in 2021? Hopefully, a nice local concert where I can perform all my songs to an audience of true fans. That’d be a dream wouldn’t be?



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