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Carolee Rainey Releases Her New Classic Hit "Sacrifice"

I have a fantastic suggestion. Stop doing what you’re doing and go listen to Carolee Rainey’s new single, "Sacrifice". This may sound strange, but the first time I heard "Sacrifice", I felt like she may have been talking directly to me. Wait. Hold that thought. On second listen, l’m certain she may be talking not only towards me but through me. As if her and I almost shared some sort of union. Carolee Rainey has literally brought me back to a time in my life, before real responsibility kicked in... when life was carefree and wild. Oh yeah. It’s funny. A dear friend of mine who has met Carolee Rainey said she got the idea to write "Sacrifice" after reading an article about a manager that worked closely with Stevie Nicks in her early career. He mentions in that interview on how much he enjoyed working with Stevie however, it’s been a long time since they’ve had been in touch and how wonderful it would be to just randomly run into her again somewhere. This was the very article that inspired Carolee Rainey's new song "Sacrifice." Sacrifice begins with the melodic piano keys and chilling vocals from Carolee Rainey. The passionate lyrics allow us to feel a sense of chemistry between not only ourselves but Carolee Rainey herself. Carolee Rainey has that classic iconic vocal resonance that was popular back in the day. It’s the tenacious sound Stevie Nicks is equipped with. It evokes a fierceness quality to Carolee. "Sacrifice" has poetic lyricism presented with passionate vocal delivery made it appealing and magnifying!

Listen to Carolee Rainey's new song "Sacrifice".


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