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Carrie Cunningham Shares Her Seductive Side in a New Single, "All Over Me"

Based in Nashville and Huntington Beach, California, singer-songwriter and recording artist Carrie Cunningham releases an alluring and passionate single entitled "All Over Me."

A touring artist for two decades, Carrie Cunningham has performed over 1,000 stages while captivating her audiences in doing so. She's also had the pleasure of sharing stages with over 50 national acts like Kacey Musgraves, Charlie Daniels, Jake Owen, Crystal Gayle, Diamond Rio, Collective Soul, and more.

Now releasing her upbeat and sensual tune, "All Over Me," Carrie Cunningham displays a more seductive side to her music through descriptive and passionate lyricism. The song steers away from Cunningham's usual country-inspired sound as it blasts our speakers in vibrant and upbeat pop sonics to enhance her exciting lyrical content.

Listening to "All Over Me," the song opens with a pulsating synth arrangement and Carrie Cunningham's airy vocal stylings. As she begins to describe a lover who leaves but always comes back around, the sonics start to expand with mid-tempo snaps and a crashing beat drop with fluid electric guitar riffs and punchy drum breaks. As Carrie Cunningham continues to describe the passion that takes over her when in the heat of the moment, she later contemplates how someone wanted to get all over her but is now quite literally over her.

We're thoroughly impressed with Carrie Cunningham's lyrical dexterity in this single, as she perfectly describes raw and lustful scenes while reminiscing on those moments when her lover leaves once again. As the song comes to an end, Carrie Cunningham leaves us with equal amounts of passion and introspection.

Get to know a more alluring side to Carrie Cunningham's music with her latest single, "All Over Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Carrie Cunningham. We love the concept behind your single, "All Over Me." What inspired you to write a song about how people can go from wanting all of you to wanting none of you?

I was in a writer's retreat with country artist Trace Thompson and pop artist Lo Lind. We were tossing around ideas when Trace said he had this cool idea of how people can be so lustful with each other one moment and then just turn it off, for some reason or another. All three of us seemed to be "attracted" to the idea and went after it. It only took a little over an hour to write.

Why did you choose to steer away from your classic country instrumentals for "All Over Me?"

I actually chose not to use any "classic country instruments for my "Showgirl Series". Lyrically and melodically, the song needed to be more pop than country to really get the point across, in my opinion. I always look at the lyrics and melody of every song I write and let the song tell me where it needs to go.

What thoughts or emotions did you want to evoke in the listener with "All Over Me"? What did you want them to take away from themselves?

Hmm, I think everyone has been in that awkward moment when you run into someone you use to have a relationship with. It's never easy, especially when it was possibly a one-night stand or just a short-lived relationship. Next thing you know, you see them with someone else and a range of emotions run through your body. My advice would be to accept those emotions. They are healthy to feel and acknowledge. Just don't let it ruin your current situation though- ha!

Might you continue down this pop-inspired path for your future tunes? Or was this just a one-off experience to explore your versatility?

I love pop music. I study the charts and I have produced a pop artist, so yes, I would love to explore more of the pop side of me if my fan base will let me. This is one reason I loved doing the "Showgirl Series". I was able to explore different sides of me that my fans might not have known about me. So far, the response has been good!


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