Carriers Single "Peace Of Mine" Will Set The Mood

Built around Curt Kiser's sincere and dreamy songwriting, Carriers are a new indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio who won’t have any problem creating hits. Their debut singles "Daily Battle" and "Peace of Mine" were released digitally and on cassette via Old Flame Records.

“Peace Of Mine” was singularly delicate and dream-like. The vintage guitar and highway drive aesthetic creates the perfect atmosphere for all you carefree lovers whose addicted to obtaining a musical high where you feel lost in the sensation of the song. The entire approach the Carriers took on this song projects a feeling of sincerity. The lighthearted canorous vocals seems to be floating above the track beautifully adding the serenity and peaceful affect. The Carriers were able to paint an image for his listeners, one that can bring joy and delightfulness.

I love everything about this relaxed and subdued song with the subtle emotions being projected by the vocalist. It’s passionate, however curt is conveying it in an extravagant manner rather a more organic and chilled method.

Listen to "Peace Of Mine" here and get to know Carriers in our exclusive interview below!

How did you guys meet and how did the idea of forming a band come about?
We met at different times in life and really just through friendship. The band currently on this tour is Ben Rush (bass) Drew Jacoby (guitar) & Alex McGrath (drums). Ben, Drew & I were in a band called Enlou together. Alex was in a band called The Soil & The Sun. We’ve toured and spent a lot of time chillin at home & on the road. We’ve all just found each other at this point in life and are enjoying jamming these songs together. Moment by moment, day by day.
What is the meaning behind "Peace Of Mine"?
I would say the overall meaning is about trying to remain in this place of peace regardless of what’s happening in your life. Embracing that some things are out of our control but holding tight to the fact that our mindset can really affect how we see things. It’s a prayer, it’s a promise, it’s an opportunity to see yourself & others through a truer and more focused lense. It’s about loving yourself and not letting lies distract & distort your identity.
What’s the most intriguing element about “Peace Of Mine”?
I think having John Curley’s help with production, playing bass on this and helping us record it at the beautiful Ultrasuede Studio was such a gift. Also having my favorite drummer, Bryan Devendorf come up with his own drum parts really made it something special for me. Other than that, just working out these songs with so many friends helping play live, coming up with their own parts & investing their hearts, time & energy into my songs has been very special in forming this Carriers collective/family/community. I feel incredibly supported & encouraged in sharing my music. I’m very thankful for the people in my life. They makes these songs matter even more to me.
In your artist opinion, what was the most challenging aspect in creating “Peace Of Mine” and why?
It took about 2 1/2 years to record. Mainly because I was working one day a week on it in Ultrasuede studios. That also made it very organic and it just came together little by little each week. Never knew what the final outcome would be or if I’m honest, if we would ever finish it. I’ve made records with other bands & written & released a lot of music with people but this is the first full length or release in general of my own music. It’s still surreal to actually have a physical LP in my hands of my own record. It’s mixed, mastered & ready for the world to hear. Excited for that day to come.
Where is your dream venue to perform at?
Probably so many places. Sydney Opera House, Red Rocks, The Ryman, Aragon Ballroom, Hollywood Bowl & locally The Taft Theater are a few.
What are your plans for kicking off 2019 as a band?
Having a release date set for the full length record. Planning a really special album release show. Touring more and playing SXSW. Making it out west again!

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