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Casey Conroy Puts Down Her Foot With Latest Single: “I Want U”

She has the voice of an angel, but this angel has an attitude tucked under her wing. Casey Conroy grew up in a musical household where it was only natural to play musical together, an upbringing that has gifted her with the innate sense to hone in on infectious melodies that appeal to audiences. “I Want U” is an airy pop tune with smooth synthesized beats, electric keys that set the mood, funky guitar interludes, and Conroy’s voice which is sweet and harmonic. The lyrics of this song are what gives it its edge: “I never understand a man that makes you work for his lovin”, “never have I ever, ever saw this, a man I had to chase to get a kiss”- it’s catchiness is to the point; cut the bullsh*t boy!

Conroy was just 12 years old when she started playing the piano and writing music, and has she grew so did her music. Conroy is passionate about her music and endeavors to create infectious melodies and lush soundscapes to tell her stories through song. With range of musical influences from a-ha to Frank Ocean, Conroy hopes to rekindle some of the classic sounds of her influences through alternative pop sound. Earlier in 2018 Conroy released her debut single “Watch you go” and “Tropical”, and now the anticipation for her next single ends with the release of “I Want U”.

Click here to stream Casey Conroy’s latest HIT “I Want U”. Read our exclusve interview with Casey Conroy below!

Hi Casey! Congratulations on your latest single “I Want U”.  Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and why you have chosen a career in music?

Thank you so much! I’m an artist based out of Orlando, Fl. I love making music and pretty much listen to anything that has a great melody. I think my biggest passion in the world is songwriting so that’s really what lead me to wanting to be an artist. It’s a funny feeling and hard to explain but I always felt most myself and whole around music. I wanted to spend my whole life chasing that feeling. 

What is the meaning of your new song “I Want U”?

“I Want U” is a song that attests to the fact that everybody wants something. For some people it's a dream or maybe a person or even just a feeling. The song talks a lot about the emotions you feel in wanting something so bad and struggling to attain it. It’s a weird push and pull of emotions.    

You have collaborated before with other artists, what do you enjoy about being able to collaborate with other artists?

This year has really been my most active year of collaborations and it's literally one of my favorite things. I love collaborating with people that have different vibes and strengths than my own because it always creates the coolest middle ground where the styles meet. It also really forces you to keep an open mind so you wind up learning so much each time. 

What does the creative process look like for you?

It really depends on the song and the vibe I’m in. Sometimes I start at the piano (which is where I started songwriting), sometimes I make a track and let that dictate the vibe. Lately, I’ve been loving getting tracks from producers that have a title and writing a whole song inspired by whatever they titled it. 

What’s next for you?

I have lots and lot of music that is finished and I just want to release it all! So lots of new music coming over the next year and I’ll be playing lots of shows! Live shows might be my favorite part of what I do so one of my biggest goals this year is to get a headlining spot on a cool tour!


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