Casey Dubie Releases New Song "Carry On" From Her Debut Project "Into The Moon"

26 year old Casey Dubie is proud to announce her debut record, "Into The Moon", that released on October 26. Born and bred in Burlington, Vermont and now based in Houston, Texas, with stints in Nashville, Chicago, and Northern California. The semi-nomadic songwriter spent the last two years working on material for her first full-length. After teaming up with Nashville based producer Micah Tawlks. Casey came away with an incredibly self assured and arresting debut, one that shines in its intelligent dissection of the power dynamics that infiltrate relationships both romantic and platonic! One noticeable song from this debut would have to be her sentimental release of “Carry On”. Her soft spoken vocals and energy conveys into this song’s message about walking away from a significant other that you dearly care about and love. The pastoral tune is perfect for our post-breakup playlists where we can leave the song feeling more self assured and self loved! It’s empowering in a way, and I believe the audience will connect with Casey Dubie’s lyrics on an impassioned, heart rendering touch.

You can check out the Casey Dubie’s new song "Carry On" and follow her on this wandering journey of love and doubt!

Casey you’ve done quite some traveling in your lifetime thus far, what location has been your favorite and why?

My favorite place will always be Vermont where I grew up - but favorite place I’ve visited or traveled to was Oxford. Really lovely and packed with history.

Knowing you’ve experienced various new surroundings, do you think it has impacted your music and song-writing?

I’ve bounced around the states quite a bit, but I still think the most foundation for my writing is Vermont. It has a restful, peaceful and safe impact on me. My time in Chicago, California and Nashville were full of musical inspiration and experiences. However, all of these places also came with feelings of competition and inadequacy. Vermont is free from a competitive mindset and has a calming effect on my writing. I am able to create freely without a sense of trying to make something “marketable” or “new.”

How would you describe your music and why?

I would say I am on the indie/folk spectrum. At times I’m on the mellower end, and other times I travel over to the pop end. My lyrics are pretty image based. There is usually an image or metaphor that anchors the song that I keep returning to and build throughout the song. Whenever I am trying to identify an emotion, articulate an experience or process something, I find that a picture is the best way for me to figure it out.

“Carry On” is a very settling single, what inspired you to write it?

I wrote this song after having a sort of “friendship” break up. I wrote this song to process the aftermath and the dynamics of our relationship.

What would be your favorite song off your “Into The Moon” debut and why?

I think Carry On is my favorite track - it accurately describes how I felt in the situation and still feels alive when I play it.

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