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Cash ITB Shares Some Good Vibes in “Patron With the Lime”

Cash ITB is a new artist who brings an original sound to the hip hop and rap genre. He and his team The Bank (ITB stands for “in the bank”) have been working tirelessly to release a cascade of new music to come in 2020. Cash ITB has been influenced by some of the greats including Jay-Z and Biggie. Similar to these artists - he never writes down his lyrics and showcases his natural abilities by rapping the songs in his head. With his new single “Patron With the Lime,” Cash ITB brings his feel-good style to the rap/hip hop genre. He has a one of a kind voice that is the spotlight of the song, showing his audience that he is not afraid to express his true self in his music. It’s his authenticity that virtuously enthralls listeners. “Patron With the Lime” has an echoey backtrack that is paired with a consistent beat making it a great song for all types of letting loose and winding down. Lyrically, he combines a partying lifestyle with endearing verses for a love interest. Cash ITB asks us to put on our seatbelts and take this ride with him. We can expect to see much more from him this year including his second single “Checking the Temperature.” He is also set to release a mixtape series this upcoming year! We hope Cash ITB can captivate us again with his contagious chill vibe.

Listen to “Patron With the Lime” here.


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