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CASSANDRA Invites You to Her Birthday Bash with, "21 Ragin"

Currently hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the pop artist and singer-songwriter CASSANDRA releases a summer bop to get you out of the quarantine blues entitled "21 Ragin."

Having lived in cities like Rockville, Duluth, Binghamton, and now Boston, CASSANDRA was able to learn new aspects of herself and the life around her through each city. Now studying Classical Voice and Opera at the New England Conservatory for Music, CASSANDRA and her four-octave vocal range have been wowing listeners since her debut in 2020.

Elaborating on her recent banger, "21 Ragin," CASSANDRA brings us into the heat of her 21st birthday through poppy grooves and her beaming vocal portrayal. Through her exciting and stimulating lyricism, CASSANDRA's latest single arrives just in time for any listener to flee the dreaded emotions brought by the year 2020.

Diving into the single "21 Ragin," the track opens with a hefty bassline, a powerful kick, and CASSANDRA's bright and lush vocal stylings. While she begins setting the scene of her 21st birthday and taking back that warm tequila until the sunrise, the beat drops into this powerhouse and enlivening atmosphere where anyone and everyone is encouraged to let loose and dance along with the song's heat and vibrance.

With added brass instrumentation and electrifying organic/synthetic instrumentals, CASSANDRA keeps the song alive with nothing but enthusiasm and energy. Just when we thought the song was over, a mysterious and chilling bridge meets our speakers where CASSANDRA whispers her excitement of turning 21 and blasts through the spirited hook one last time.

Lose yourself in the sonic party of CASSANDRA's latest single, "21 Ragin," available for you to bump all summer long on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, CASSANDRA. Congratulations on turning 21 and releasing your anthemic single, "21 Ragin." What inspired you to pay tribute to this milestone through a lively and upbeat single?

Thank you for having me! 21 Ragin was inspired by my desire to go out and have fun with friends after a year of being cooped up at home. I’ve been wanting to write a dance-pop party song and this felt like the perfect time to do so! 21 Ragin is a double-meaning song for people who are turning 21 or want to go out in the year 2021 to break free of the isolation we’ve all endured during COVID. I hope it makes people dance and feel the excitement of socializing again! We can't get enough of the dynamic instrumentals/sonics within "21 Ragin." What sort of sonic atmosphere did you want to offer listeners through this single? Did you work with any producers/engineers during this process?

I wanted to create an electric, glittery, lost-in-the-moment nightlife vibe for this track and worked with my producer, Scott Griffin, and audio engineer, Mark Abrams, to achieve this. I’m hoping people feel the energy of being fully in the moment as the lights are flashing and the music is blaring while out having fun with friends. How did you write your lyricism for "21 Ragin" so that any listener could get down with your words and vibe? What did you want your audience to take away from his upbeat banger?

I released 21 Ragin just days after my 21st birthday to celebrate, but I also wanted this to be heard in the summer months. Turning 21 is certainly freeing and the ability to go out now that vaccines are rolling out has made that feeling of freedom even stronger. The lyrics were meant to capture my excitement and a manifestation of a future girls' night out. I’m hoping it encourages people to get out of the house and do the same (after they’ve been vaccinated of course!). We've noticed that you released your debut EP, "Made for Me," just twelve days before your latest single, "21 Ragin." Why didn't you place "21 Ragin" within the EP? Does the single-serve a different vibe than the EP?

My EP, 'Made for Me,' was meant to explore multiple genres and styles as I broke into the pop world and although 21 Ragin continued this exploration, this song felt like the start of a new era of my music. The song marked the beginning of my dance-pop music and I’m excited to explore deeper into the genre! What's next for you?

Next, I am heading back to Nashville to record more music! While in my junior year of college, I’ve been writing at least one song a week since recording 21 Ragin, and now that school has ended, I’m picking my favorite songs and recording them soon. I’m so excited to share these next tracks with my fans. All summer long, I’ll be extremely active on TikTok and Instagram @youknowcassandra and will be sharing my music on there as well! Thank you again for having me. I can’t wait to share more songs this summer!



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