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Cassandra Releases Instant Favourite Single "Like You"

Polished singer and songwriter Cassandra out of Nashville, Tennessee, has been singing since a very young age, and it shows. With the release of her latest single, "Like You," Cassandra presents a fiery display of talent, vocal versatility, and a blatant gift for songwriting. Using her extensive musical training and education combined with her past experiences living in different cities around the United States, audiences everywhere are privileged to hear exactly what makes Cassandra stand out from the rest.

"Like You" kicks off with some plucky acoustic guitar strums and tasteful background vocals before introducing a rhythmically sound beat. Quality production is incredibly evident while Cassandra flaunts her highly expressive vocal range. A story about a deep attraction to a boy, listeners can relate to and infatuate alongside the artist effortlessly. The upbeat chorus that follows raises the bar in regards to catchy, vivid tunes that's sure to have you singing the song long after you've finished hearing it. The skill portrayed throughout the song to masterfully reach out to the audience with energetic and powerful effectiveness is a highly touted trait that we certainly need more of - and Cassandra delivers precisely that.

This enthusiastic and memorable piece gives us a grand idea of exactly what we can expect from Cassandra moving forward. Her innovative, memorable sound is teeming with substance and fully encompasses feel-good vibrations. While delivering quality texture and melody, Cassandra promises to impress as we look forward to whatever comes next from her.

Congratulations on the release of "Like You" and thank you for joining us here at BuzzMusic, Cassandra. Firstly, which city that you've lived in has given you the most inspiration to use towards the creation of your music?

Thank you! I’m so excited to put this song out into the world. I feel that most of my song ideas have developed over the past few years while in college in Boston at the New England Conservatory, but I also have songs that were developed from experiences I had in New York and some that developed here in Florida! I feel like I’ve kept song ideas bottled up inside of me for my entire life and being in social isolation due to COVID-19 finally gave me the time to put my thoughts to music.

Who are some artists that have influenced you throughout your career?

I’m heavily influenced by Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. I feel that they all have strong voices and powerful messages behind them that have motivated me as a fan and as an artist. I’m grateful to have female artist role models that embody the inner security and work ethic I strive to have.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric in "Like You?"

My favorite lyric in “Like You” is definitely in the bridge. I was talking with my co-writers, Bryan Ruby and Fran Litterski, about the idea for this song and said, “I swear boys can be SO dumb sometimes. You just want to beat them over the head with it and say, ‘I LIKE YOU, like seriously! How do you not get that by now?” As the words left my mouth, we already knew that had to be a lyric!

What are your plans after you've finished with your studies of Classical Voice and Opera in New England?

After studying at the New England Conservatory, I plan to take a gap year to follow my recording artist journey. I know that I’ve always wanted this career path and hope that a year of nothing but recording and touring will help give me the base I need to really grow my fanbase and music business. That said, with the pandemic creating constant changes in the entertainment world, I’m excited to see what other opportunities may arise within the next year!

Can fans expect to hear similar songs moving forward or do you plan to continue diversifying your music?

I think as this summer continues, fans can expect to see me really find my sound. The next two songs I’m releasing are each a bit different, but as the year moves on, I’m excited to share my new music and sound. Stay tuned.



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