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Cassidy King Is The New Pop Queen We’ve Been Looking For

Some artists have a natural talent with their voice—a completely multifaceted, authentic and original sound. Cassidy King gives us exactly that in her music. She is all the kind of pop you want to be listening to during your summer road trips or vacations—her voice gives off that natural flow, enticing such a calming and soothing environment for the listener, all while still maintaining that upbeat, feel-good sound. The aesthetic Cassidy King gives off to us at BuzzMusic is the exact kind of aesthetic we expect from flourishing pop artists like herself, and her latest single definitely doesn’t disappoint. 

We’re incredibly excited to be releasing Cassidy’s newest single “I Can’t” on our platform, mainly because when we first  listened to the single, we knew it was a hit. This is the exact kind of song that makes it huge—it’s catchy, bubbly, and full of energy in the overall production. The hook is incredibly easy to catch onto, we already started singing along halfway into the song! We have to bring up the catchy rhythm again because Cassidy King really knocks it out of the park with her choice in beats, collection of lyricism and overall execution of her vocals. The entire song blends well together, and we can feel our entire mood changing while having this song on replay. Without a doubt, “I Can’t” is a summer hit, and we know we’re about to hear thing song consecutively playing on all of the hot radio stations soon. What I found most interesting about the single was how natural the vocals came to Cassidy. You can tell when an artist can really sing, and Cassidy does exactly that. Her vocal execution is flawless, sounding as if I’m floating on a cloud on a hot summer day. That’s what really makes this single jump out to us, the completely natural and unfabricated flow of Cassidy’s voice. “I Can’t” is a lush and full song, encompassing the exact feeling you want to feel on a beach day, or a day where you’re lounging around under the hot sun. 

Listen to " I Can't" here and get to know more about Cassidy King below!

Hey Cassidy! Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi guys! My name is Cassidy King. I'm an independent artist from a little town called Chardon, Ohio. It's pretty close to Cleveland, Ohio. I was raised by my single mother and sister. I dove into making music shortly after I graduated high-school.

How long did it take you to produce “I Can’t”?

It took us about a year actually, from start to finish. A big reason for the wait was because we wanted the song to be completely done in time to drop it right before summer because it's such a warm feeling song.

What kind of collaborations would you be interested in doing in the near future?

I hope to be collaborating with some EDM producers. I'm so infatuated with EDM production and the feeling it creates.

We absolutely love the upbeat vibe of “I Can’t” and all all of the feelings it gives us while listening. What kind of vibe were you going for when curating the single?

I wanted to create the same feeling of the beat into my lyrics. My goal was to make the overall feeling of the entire song warm and upbeat. Thankfully when I wrote this song I was going through the beginning phases of a relationship. Basically the honeymoon phase where everything feels perfect. Its the point where you drop everything that you have going on in life just for a person and you sit there like why? This doesn't make much sense but you know what, I'm going to do it anyways.

Are we going to be seeing any new releases from you in the upcoming future?

Of course. We'll be working on shooting the music video shortly after the song release. I've been working on another project. Whether that turns out to be an entire album or EP.


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