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Castle KYD Speaks on His Experience With “Melatonin”

Idaho-hailing alternative-indie artist and singer-songwriter Castle KYD started writing music in his bedroom purely because he wanted to vent. At the time, there was no one to talk to, so he decided to write it all down. As time progressed, he kept his writing secret but could no longer do so as he started attending open mics and had to get people involved. Castle KYD creates music to relate to his listener and uses his musical exploration as a coping mechanism. Castle KYD has always been inspired and slightly envious of the artists who could be more vulnerable on their records.

As we embark on the journey called "Melatonin," we are introduced to the track with an eerie sound which is then met up with the most dreamy guitar and KYD's bold, enchanting lyrics. He starts by mentioning how he's not good for this girl and how it's killing him to know she cannot fully put her faith in him. Castle KYD continues on in the chorus to say how the "Melatonin" sinks away as it leaves the body, he speaks on it so openly, and we can tell it's because of a personal experience and feelings that he needs to release.

We continue on as KYD's "Melatonin" streak as he tells us how people's words kept reminding him of times he wanted to forget and how they should just have had faith in him. As we end off on this emotional note, we remember how KYD proved himself with a picture-perfect match of vocals and a beat individually unique to him.

"Melatonin" feeds us our emotional food, and Castle KYD finishes it off with a bang, a very remarkable one.

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