Catch A California Fever with Harness Flux Exclusive Track “West Palm Beat"

Harness Flux definitely soaked up everything that’s California when he released “West Palm Beat” a thrilling track with riffy and catchy hooks. With its indie/pop rock flare, "West Palm Beat" is a unique track with a well ordered aesthetic that’s digestible for any type of mood. The beginning starts off with the sound of a guitar that brings you back into a different era of vintage Indie rock music with the classic drums creeping in the song. Imagine driving down a freeway in California, windows down and hair blowing and you’re naturally absorbing the breeze of the climate. You most likely envision listening to a song that makes you feel free and in the moment correct? Well that’s exactly what “West Palm Beat“ is, a song that upholds and embodies a delightful and relaxed sound where you can feel free and lost in the moment. Harness Flux knew how to correctly cultivate our ears with a captivating sound that unleashes a feeling of fantasy and takes you out of reality for the duration of the song. With its sunny west coast vibes and golden aged sound, this track is for sure to be a standard for superb instrumental creations.

Get to know Harness Flux with our exclusive #BuzzMusic Interview and learn more about his new song "West Palm Beat".

Hi Harness Flux! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi there, I am Harness Flux and I am the solo music project of John Masters that began in Washington DC and has moved West to Los Angeles in recent years. My music is a continuation of lo-fi indie rock ideals and sounds that influenced me back in the 90s and 00s. I am heavily influenced by melodic alternative and psych rock sounds especially now that am West Coast situated.

How did you the band come together?

Seeing how is it just me, the "band" came together after many years in numerous other East Coast projects I've had or been part of, such as Metropolitan, Stamen and Pistils, The Cheniers, Portions Toll, America Hearts and so on. All of the bands and the people I've ever collaborated with give me the strength that I need to push further into a solo route.

Your name is really unique! how did you come up with it?

The easy answer is that its taken from two different Pavement songs: "Harness Your Hopes" and "Flux=Rad." The longer answer is that it represents the idea of grasping and holding onto a principle and not letting it change, whether in music or in one's personal life.

West Palm Beat’ is a great song! Can you tell us a bit about the creation process?

I write all the music and play all the instruments on every Harness Flux song, so this tune was no different in the way it was produced -- all in my home studio. This song in particular has heavy Los Angeles vibes to it, and the video has shots from my new neighborhoods of Griffith Park and Hollywood. These areas gave me heavy meditation and influence in producing the the So Cal laid back aesthetic that "West Palm Beat" tries to portray.

What do you think has to be the most difficult part in producing music and why?

Being solo is a blessing and a curse in production of music, because I'm the only person to answer to! Its easy to beat myself up about not finishing projects because there's no one else but me to keep me motivated. The music writing process usually comes pretty easy, but wrapping it all up with lyrics/vocals and then in turn recording all the dub overs, etc. can certainly become a very time consuming process.

Out of all locations you've traveled in life, where has had the biggest influence on your music and why?

Honestly Los Angeles has now influenced me probably the most (there's a pattern here!) and that's why I wanted to be here permanently and make music here. Travel wise I feel that popular retreats around the West Coast like Hawaii, Ojai, Joshua Tree, etc are now permanent imprints on the way I feel about and create music.

What's next for Harness Flux?

Harness Flux has always been a meditation on how my personal life ebbs and flows, so whatever comes next will adhere to those ups and downs and whatever energy comes to me. Also a bunch of new songs :)

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