Catch A "Memory" With Smoov Kido's New Single

You know how artist Khalid has the ability to move us with his voice, emotive lyrics, and fun soulful pop sounds? That’s exactly what artist Smoov Kido does with his music. He creates atmospheric sounds like “Memory” where we feel placed inside the song’s interior and we can absorb the warmness of the tune and the comfort from his smooth-sailing vocals. The beat has this relaxed, subdued element with a sprinkle of funk. It sets the mood for the song, creates the setting, and is the escape method for our ears to become as a unity with the single and connect with everything else more smoothly.

Smoov’s lyricism has this trendy, mainstream effect with significant amount of relatable lines, that discusses the melancholic feeling of letting someone you care about go.

Someone you want to work things out with but unfortunately, as Smoov sings, you weren’t meant to be- rather be left a memory. Smoov Kido carries the lyrics across this heart-rendering beat with his subtle yet effortless levelled voice that can transition into multiple registers including a soft high note, caressing his listeners into the song. I personally enjoyed the vibe this song projected and how digestible it was for any type of mood. This young artist brings a taste of authenticity to the industry as he produces, writes slow, soppy love songs, as well as socially conscious rap songs; records and engineers all his own productions.

Smoov stays true to his roots by keeping his music profanity-free as he was raised in a church, where all his experience started. “Memory” combines sweet bass and seductive guitar licks, with a catchy, emotional chorus and a story that anyone from emotional teens to established adults can reflect and relate to. “Memory,” tells the spicy story of two lovers attempting to rekindle a dead flame. He shows the emotional rollercoaster the two lovers were on through the different ways he flows his lyrics in this track. He describes this as simply “a taste of what’s to come.”

Listen to "Memory" here and get to know Smoov Kido in our exclusive interview below!

We know you started out with the drum kit and African percussion at the age of seven - wow! Growing up musically inclined, do you think your diverse skills turned out beneficial for you and your music career?

Definitely! It works to my advantage when I’m flowing; I use African solo patterns to guide my cadence and craft my drum kit arrangements. The biggest compliment is how people say when they’re listening to my music “I can’t even tell you’re from the Bay.” That’s attributed to the culture that’s been pumped in me since day one.

What’s your personal style of music? What are some current favorites on your playlist?

If I had to choose a genre, I would say Pop, simply because there are no limits; artists have the freedom. Currently slapping Meek Mill’s entire album (Champions), P-Lo – Same Squad, and just about every Joyner Lucas song. Oh! And you know at the top there’sSmoov Kido – Memory.

We’re in love with your smooth-sailing vocals, do you have any musical influences? If so who and why?

Industry artists like Joyner Lucas and Chance the Rapper have been big inspirations for my career. The indie route is never easy, but the way they made it happen for themselves always made me feel like if you put in the work and really grind for what you want, there’s nothing holding you back but you. He isn’t a musician, but my grandfather is the reason I’m a musician. He taught me to stay true to myself and I intend to keep that same mentality as I evolve in my career. Oh, and there’s Goku!

What was the inspiration behind writing “Memory”?

Well, I was in a toxic relationship and when it ended, I felt relieved but there was a moment where I felt I would have gone back. When I realized what it was doing to my head, I knew the relationship wasn’t worth giving any more of my attention. One day I was in my room playing bass when the main bass riff came to my head and I instantly began singing “I’m sorry.” From there, I began adding the different synth pads and drums. I wrote and recorded the entire song before adding the guitar which to me, brought the whole song together. 

What do you hope to do differently in 2019 that you didn’t do in 2018?

My number one goal in 2019 is to perform at a festival and express myself to an audience filled with people who may have never heard of me. Since I was 17, I’ve had this live set planned in my head that I cannot wait to perform. I really want to start building my fan base and I have a project releasing titled ‘Dog Pound’ that I think will definitely give my career a boost. However, If you watch my Instagram @smoov.kido, you’ll notice that I’m releasing new music biweekly. 

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