Catch A Musical High In This Psychedelic Rock Tune By Nic Gyalson

Nic Gyalson decided to become a singer and musician at the age of 13, when he first heard Jon Lord from Deep Purple. He immediately knew that his instrument would be the Hammond organ. That was it, until he discovered the blues, the 60s psychedelic rock and the 70s experimental electronic music, and fell in love with guitars, electric piano, and synthesizers. Nic released his single “Underneath My Feet” A psychedelic song that has many layers and moments where you get abducted into the entire realm of the sound.

Nic Gyalson's new single "Underneath My Feet" immediately starts with the striking guitar chords that gives you classic old-rock vibes. Mind-expanding music like this is the type of music where you can allow yourself to become absorbed by the hallucinations the artist gives you. It’s oddly addicting yet imaginative. Alongside an artist, Nic is also a video enthusiast, a sound technician and a camera operator. In 2013 these vocations led him to work on a documentary with his father, film director Ful- vio Mariani, in the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh. There, his inspiration was catalyzed by the majestic, frozen desert environment, and when he got back home he had lots of ideas which would become the songs of his debut album “Alluvision”.

Listen to "Underneath My Feet" here and get to know Nic Gyalson in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm a singer-songwriter, sound engineer, camera operator and video maker from Switzerland. I produce my music independently and when I'm not touring, or recording and composing for myself, I work with my father, who is a documentary filmmaker.

You first wanted to pursue music at the age of 13, can you describe how you felt when you first heard Jon Lord from Deep Purple?

I was completely blown away. I had never heard anyone play a Hammond organ that way before. Jon Lord's style and sound were a strong influence, and the main motivation to start playing keyboards at that time. I can still recall the feeling when trying to follow his riffs and solos on a toy keyboard, long before even thinking about buying me a real organ. An incredible flow of energy, inspiration, and a lot of fun.

Psychedelic rock is one of our personal favorite styles of music, do you feel like it’s under-appreciated in today’s music culture?

I actually believe some psychedelic rock sounds are still largely appreciated and have evolved in a lot of different ways – from dream-pop to some styles of electronic music, to what is referred to as neo-psychedelia – but of course the world is culturally very different from what it was back in the 60s, and so are the audience's tastes and habits. The psychedelic era was definitely over a long time ago, but its musical legacy is still alive, and I think it's one of the most important gifts a composer can get from the 20th century, alongside the blues, which is undoubtedly rock music's predecessor.

How anticipated were you to release “Underneath My Feet” ? Did you face any struggles in the creation process?

I began to write “Underneath My Feet” almost 3 years ago, just after finishing to record my previous and debut album “Alluvision”. I was a little nervous at first because I wasn't happy with the sound of my guitar, but it only took me an afternoon to find the right setting with the pedals, amps and microphones positioning to achieve what I wanted. I actually think this song was my most relaxed production ever: the band and I were ready and excited to play it, and when I pressed the record button, everything clicked just perfectly.

If you can lyrically interpret “Underneath My Feet” in one quick summary what would you say?

It's the story of a man experiencing a fight with his inner-self. It's also the story of a long lost friend (who also coincides with the character's alter ego) with whom the man is trying to re-establish contact. He believes their paths will eventually cross again [I still see that line drawn underneath my feet that makes us meet from time to time].

Do you have any big plans for 2019?

I'll be working extensively on the production of the rest of the album. In January I'm also going to Patagonia for 2 months to work as sound technician and camera operator on a documentary. When I come back I plan and hope to start performing live gigs again and try to reach more and more people with my music, since it'd be pointless to dedicate all of my energy to writing songs just for myself. Sharing my passion with the audience is what matters most to me.

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