Catch A Rhythmic Tune With Fans Of Jimmy Century New Single “All My Friends Are Ice Queens”

Originally from Oakland CA, Fans Of Jimmy Century is an original indiewave, modwave, neo noir duo with trip hop influences led by vocalist Alicia Perrone and bassist Victor James. FOJC is inspired by both genre-bending and creating alter-egos to match their songs. Unique right?

The song “All Of My Friends Are Ice Queens” off the album “eSensuals” was so incredible with the trip-hop synthesizing sound it captivated us and sparked a new found interest in a genre that we rarely hear on the radio stations today! It immediately gets your body moving with the funky, electronic reverberate that makes you feel like you’re on a “musical high”. With a vibrant resonance and idiosyncratic voice, FOJC projects a feeling of individualism and stands out in an overcrowded music troupe today.

This song can be played at different dance parties or clubs and it’s the perfect anthem to fearlessly let loose and get involved with FOJC realm of contemporary retro , disco-like, and uncategorized music. My favorite part about this single is they leave moments of singing out for you to simply enjoy that fresh and divergent beat. There’s no doubt in my mind that FOJC has what it takes to attract all the right attention and gather a fan base that will be in love with their seemingly cool brand.

Download "All My Friends Are Ice Queens (free) here.

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