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Catch IlghtchIld Dancing Under The “Rain In Tokyo”

From Tokyo to New York City, singer-songwriter and pop/Jpop recording artist IlghtchIld dances under the lonely yet lush "Rain In Tokyo" in her newest single.

IlghtchIld is best known for reinventing 80s pop sounds while portraying the realities of modern anxieties. She's heavily influenced by Tokyo's fantastical futurism and New York City's gritty art-music scene, blending Jpop, synth rock, and bursts of funk to create her edgy, experimental, and electronic creations.

Now, IlghtchIld is releasing the third single from her upcoming EP, No Strings Attached, entitled "Rain In Tokyo." While explaining how rain can be cleansing, peaceful, and purifying, IlghtchIld added that traveling back home to Tokyo "takes forever to get there, and you feel so far away from everyone. It can feel isolating. Despite that, this song is about connection and how you can still find joy within the rain and joy within the pain of loneliness."

Hitting play on "Rain In Tokyo," this upbeat and shimmering Jpop tune bursts open with watery effects and lush synths that drive into the emotional first verse. IlghtchIld portrays all sorts of relatable emotions, especially as she confesses her loneliness and isolation being halfway across the world from someone special.

The bouncy, upbeat drums alongside the vibrant array of synths bless us with all the shimmering sounds of Jpop while IlghtchIld channels her deepest emotions to remind us that we can still have a good time when it rains. This song is a vibe and a half; it packs all the optimism, passion, and groove we could ask for in a modern pop song.

Allow IlghtchIld to remind you that not all is lost when it rains. In fact, why not grab an umbrella and make the most of it? Find IlghtchIld's new single, "Rain In Tokyo," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, IlghtchIld. We love your positive vibe and outlook within your radiant new single, "Rain In Tokyo." What inspired you to create this honest song about navigating loneliness and isolation?

While I always look forward to going back home to see my family in Tokyo, there's also a bittersweet sense of loneliness and isolation because I am leaving all my friends and community back in NYC. The 13-hour time difference is also brutal, so it feels like you're always playing phone tag. The rain is also a very cleansing element; emotionally, it helps me feel like I can let go of things. I've also been in long-distance relationships before and wanted to express the feeling of yearning for someone far away.

What was your vision for the overall sound and vibe of "Rain In Tokyo"? How did you want the song's production to make listeners feel?

It would be easier to answer this question with a picture. Still, the song's feeling is very visual and cinematic for me, and I wanted the music production of the song to capture the visual sensation of literal rain in Tokyo. The cool thing about umbrellas in Japan is that a lot of them tend to be transparent - I'm not sure why, but whenever you see raindrops through the transparent umbrella, and the neon street lights hit, the color feels synesthetic. Almost like a technicolor fever dream... So this is imagery I've always had in mind and wanted to show sonically how sometimes even sadness can morph into something more beautiful. In this case, pain can be cathartically transformed through a high-energy pop song. I want people to feel like they can be honest with how they feel, but once it's out of your system, you can celebrate overcoming it.

What did you want the listener to take away from your honest lyrics in "Rain In Tokyo?" Do you hope to inspire them to dance in the rain?

I can see how one can go nuts during a torrential downpour... It might even make a super fun TikTok.

How does "Rain In Tokyo" fit into the concept or theme of your upcoming 2023 EP, No Strings Attached? What is that project about?

No Strings Attached EP has themes of letting go and expressing yourself unapologetically, honestly, and without inhibition... It's about accepting and celebrating all the colors of life, the good, bad, and the ugly.

What's next for you?

Touring and also working on my animated episodic TV series.

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