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Catch S+M Before They're "Going Gone"

Soaring in from Austin, Texas, the alternative-country musician couple S+M drift us into a daydream with their latest heartfelt and chilling single, "Going Gone."

Two partners who love writing music as much as they love each other, S+M finds their inspiration from renowned lyricists, poets, and musicians who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Known for painting vivid images that connect with any soul who graces their music, S+M, and their creative expression continues to garner a broader fanbase while encouraging us to follow their ever-evolving sound.

Now releasing their chilling and emotional single, "Going Gone," listeners can hear a more open and vulnerable side of S+M as they delve into a relatable and heartfelt story of the venture to peace of mind. As S+M offers a warm sonic embrace with their soothing yet uplifting instrumental soundscape, vocalist Mehgan makes the experience all the more savory with his gentle vocal portrayal.

Jumping into the single, "Going Gone," we're met with a mid-tempo drum arrangement that drifts into a hazy electric guitar drenched in reverb alongside a bright acoustic guitar. As Mehgan makes her delicate and smooth vocal appearance, she begins to tell the tale of a person fighting for a life of worthiness and meaning.

We adore S+M's ability to tell such an honest and story-like concept with their meaningful lyrics, as they're perfectly complemented by their shimmering sonics to make for a chilling and unforgettable listening experience. Not to mention their emotional country tones, it's without a doubt that S+M has mastered the art of emotionally effective music.

Take a step into the dreamy world of S+M and their latest single, "Going Gone," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic S+M, we love the emotion and concept of your latest single, "Going Gone." Where did you find inspiration for the song's heartfelt lyrical content?

Our conception of “Going Gone” took off as we chased an idea of a man voyaging for a state of self-actualization. A common man who realizes that the person he longs to be lies somewhere beyond the dividend of history and desire.

How does your duo normally divide your instrumental creative process, especially for "Going Gone?" How did you go about navigating the song's sonic feel and atmosphere?

We take a very collaborative approach to our compositions; one of us will typically come to the other with a fragment of a song and together we’ll take it and turn it into something that we’re proud to present. Scott is more often the one to write guitar and base lines where as Mehgan is the one who usually writes melodies and lyrics. For “Going Gone”, Scott presented me with a verse that he had written as we sat outside one night around a fire, When he showed it to me it instantly resonated with me and I was able to write lyrics and melody. We wanted to create a sonic vibe to reflect the mystery of the character’s journey through the desert.

Since "Going Gone" is your third released single, is there a running theme within your released discography thus far? Do these songs share any lyrical similarities?

The running theme between our three released singles is the idea of finding meditation amidst doubts, distractions, and past mistakes. I wouldn’t say there are lyrical similarities per se, we write with a mindfulness of our past creations and intentionally write to give voice to various experiences.

They say not to mix business with pleasure, but your emotional chemistry seems to be your strongest trait as a musical duo. What has your experience been like creating and releasing music as a couple?

We would both agree that our emotional chemistry is one of our strengths as a musical duo. We hold a high degree of respect for each other as individuals first and musicians second. Creating music together is a lengthy process as we work to ensure that every word and note resonates with the emotion behind the song. We co-create on a level playing field in a highly collaborative manner.

What's next for you?

We’re in the process of writing an EP right now while also writing our wedding song. A release date has not been decided at this point but we have solid new content in the works.

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