Catching A Vibe With Erv 100's New EP "It's Me"

Virginia has produced many legends in the Hip Hop game like The Clipse, Timbaland and Pharell. Erv 100 is aspiring to become a part of that elite group in the near future. Coming out of Alexandria, VA, Erv 100 has been consistently putting out solid music via his SoundCloud account and several mixtapes on Datpiff over the years.

“I started rapping like anybody else, messing around and then one of the homies was like get in the studio,”

The DMV rapper draws much inspiration from the West Coast with Ice Cube being among the main artists that inspires his work. He’s also expressed a desire to work with artists such as Dom Kennedy, Currency and Jhene Aiko going forward. “They all just make dope music and they are talking about the things they are going through which is that same lifestyle aura I give off in my work” stated Erv. For years Erv has personally funded his projects and states that being independent and having total control of the type of music that he releases.

Erv recently released his new EP titled “It’s Me” and we can confirm it’s a refreshing mixtape to hear due to the concurrent sounding music infesting the rap culture today. The album begins with tracks “Its me” and “Ice In My Drank”. “Its Me” has a laid-back melodic beat while ERV 100 raps about his come-up and who he is. The song has the whole J-Cole storytelling vibe to it with a splash of Kendrick Lamar. “Ice In My Drank” places you in an urban atmosphere with its relaxing, smoke sesh-like sound helping you vibe with ERV 100 on a serenity level.

The next two songs to play are “Witness” and “O.G”. “Witness” had a nice fused blend of wind sounding instruments, creating a delightful backtrack yet sticking to the existing aesthetic of the entire EP. “O.G” is more of an educational lesson on the game and on the streets. I interpreted that’s why he decided to title the song what he titled due to the connection between a teacher and a student, schooling his listeners with motivation if they want to be something great.

The final two tracks on the EP are “Can’t See Me” and “Ray Allen”. “Can’t See Me” is completely different from the other tracks on this EP. although the lyrical content is less substantial, the element of “party banger” is most definitely apparent. It’s more hip and you immediately rock with the song. The final song on the EP “Ray Allen” was my personal favorite. It was a great closer to the EP and not only because I was abundantly invested in the intricate, detailed, and unique trap-rap beat, but ERV 100's flow was impeccable and floated on top of the dope backtrack instrumental effortlessly.

You can listen to this wavy EP here and follow ERV on his social media below!