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Catching "Chills" With The Latest From NYK

NYK is a contemporary R&B artist from Shreveport, Louisiana. His career has taken him to Hollywood and many other interesting destinations. As a child, he sang in church, and this passion expanded over the years to include songwriting, acting, producing, and an involvement with the business side of the music industry. As a classically trained musician, NYK has been performing his music since the tender age of nine. A multi-faceted artist, NYK is a graduate from the American Musical Dramatic Academy in Hollywood, CA. Upon graduation in 2012, NYK went on a tour in China, which subsequently skyrocketed him to performances at places such as The Mint LA, House of Blues, Hollywood Holiday Parade and South by Southwest Music Festival, to name just a few. NYK’s debut album, “Retrospect: Vol. 1” aims to bridge the gap between 90s and new-age R&B. He is now signed to the independent record label RE-UP Records.

Don't you just love a good tune that gives you all the feels when you listen to it? That's what "Chills", NYK's latest release is for us. When an artist like NYK comes around, you keep them around for a while. The song begins with a nicely open and sparse beat, leading to sumptuous vocals that immediately exhibit a certain musical maturity. The vocals then transform into a rhythmic and poetic style that is indicative of a modern musical approach, yet still retains a classic R&B feel. The combination of the elements of this song, aptly named, is certainly capable of giving you “Chills”. The production of the track is flawless. NYK definitely knew the artistic vision when creating "Chills" and executed it to the fullest extent. Open up your feel good playlist and put this song at the TOP. It's the motivation you've been craving for. Bravo NYK!

Listen to "Chills" here and get to know NYK in our interview below!

Growing up in Louisiana, was singing in church a large reason for your long-standing interest in music and songwriting?

Absolutely, the south is still very much rooted in the church so it just helped me develop things and build a foundation for my passion. I think church music has a lot of influence in R&B music, which was kind of a segway onto the path I am now.

You seem to have many talents. As a trained actor, do you find that you bring some of that training and knowledge to your musical process?

Definitely! It allows me the ability to emote what I’m trying to saying since what I’m saying is basically a much shorter version of a  full script. Also on a visual aspect of things it gives me the creative eye to see a vision and be expressive in a manner that can be relatable without being awkward. I feel comfortable being in front of a camera and not just a mic.

Is there a particular message or meaning behind your new single, “Chills”?

"Chills" is about falling in love and not being afraid. Being completely head over heels and infatuated with someone. That feeling you get when you look at someone you love should be the feeling you get when you listen to the song.

Who would you say are your primary musical influences? Why?

I believe Michael Jackson and Prince has had some type of influence on everyone’s music, definitely mine for sure. I grew up listening to Usher and watching all his videos. I’d say he is one of the biggest influences on my music and not just on a musical aspect but as a performer as well. Miguel and Frank Ocean too because they have the ability to fit so many different genres into one sound. I don’t want to be cookie cutter with my music, I like to push the limits.

What does the future have in store for NYK?

I mean the possibilities are endless, I want to conquer it all. More shows, better content for sure. I’d love to start touring and break into some movies. All things entertainment really, once I’m established I want to start developing and funding potential artists who aren’t so lucky in whatever situation they may be in. There’s so many people in the world that need help and we should touch as many lives as possible.


Connect with NYK on social media:

Instagram: @nykmusic

Twitter: @nykmusic

Facebook: @newyoungking


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