Catching Feels For OVRDSE Debut Single 'ILY'

Young EDM artist and producer, OVRDSE just release electronic dance/ synthpop debut single entitled "ILY" on Spotify & Apple Music alongside with the official lyric video out on Youtube.

"ILY" is an emotional / dance music track about unanswered love break ups. It tackles deeply about how some relationships can take years to build yet so easy to break. "ILY" was inspired by the artists' true to life break up story with a girl he loved the most. 

After 2 years of live DJ sets and performances all over Asia and North America, OVRDSE is set to launch his first ever original track and finally dominate the scene. OVRDSE (pronounced as OVERDOSE)  is now currently based in Alberta, Canada. He is set to do several live shows all over North America (USA & Canada) in the coming year to promote his upcoming debut collection of music.

This massive electronic-dance, synth-pop tune will have you catching feels all summer long. OVRDSE's unique voice, accompanied by fuzzy sound effects compliments the beat really well. It kind of makes you feel like you're lost in the clouds or in the soundtrack of a video game. 'ILY' is definitely one of our teams top picks and we won't be surprised when we see it dominating the playlist charts over the next few months.

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