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Catching up with Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Philip Morris

Philip Morris knows how to bring high-energy music. However at first, when making hip-hop music he was driven by a desire to imitate the flows of artists like Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and MF Doom. In an effort to display these skills, Philip Morris produced two tapes that arguably came off as insincere and cringe-inducing, and so hip-hop was put on the back-burner. During this self-induced hiatus, trap music and SoundCloud rap took off in a huge way. This movement, and in particular, Lil Pump's hilarious, braggadocios, neo-punk delivery, inspired Philip Morris to return to the game, but with different intentions than before.

Philip Morris (aka PM) now creates infectious, innovative, clever, music for heavy drinking, powerlifting, and introspection. A tough blend of quick-witted bars, lush melodies, and hard-hitting instrumentals. PM is not to be missed, and hard to forget.

After kicking off 2019 with his 12-track album “Freshly Baked”, Philip Morris went straight back to the studio and dropped his next album “Drink Up!!” in the summer. PM is the definition of an ambitious and independent artist. After gaining a following as the result of releasing two full albums in one year, Philip Morris was once again back in the studio cooking up new material for his dedicated fan base. Most recently, he dropped a party anthem titled “Drink On Me” and “Endgame” Feat. Kao$. Philip Morris is absolutely an artist you should keep your eye on! 

Listen to PM’s new music here

You’ve had an impressive year, to say the least. What accomplishment are you most proud of thus far?

The reception of Drink Up has been overwhelmingly positive and kind. T the artistic step forward from the last two tapes, and really buckling down and making a strong cohesive project is what I'm most proud of. On the first albums, I freestyled a majority of the songs, and for this one, it is almost completely written.

With an impressive repertoire under your belt, we would have to imagine your sound has changed and evolved with time. How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

I'm getting better, and people can tell. Sincerity is key. Also, I would never say I'm in the industry, but I'd love to be apart of it.

We absolutely love your album “Drink Up! What predominant message was integrated into this project? What track are you the proudest of on this project?

Drink Up was the final album in the unofficial "Vices Trilogy". "King Size Blues" being Cigarettes. "Freshly Blazed" being Marijuana. "Drink Up!!" being booze. It was a celebration of summer drinking. I'm most proud of "Nine Lives" because I love the Runaway autotune.

You seem to be an artist that puts more thought into their lyrics than most. What can you tell us about the lyrical depth within “Chris Basement”?

It was my attempt at a hot album starter. Look at Meek Mill's Dreams and Nightmares, and Cardi B's Get Up 10. A "scratch the earth" type tune.

Thank you so much for chatting with us. What can you tell us about your brand new release “Endgame ft. Kao$”?

Use humor as a weapon. As a way to immediately relate, or trick listeners into taking the PM ride. Endgame is a remix of a song off the album with Philly artist Kao$. I hit her up on Soundcloud, and she responded quickly to being down. I sent her three songs, and she chose this one. She recorded about a month later and sent it back. She rules. Super kind, and in it for the right reasons. Easiest mail-in verse I've ever gotten.



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