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Catching Up With Cold Weather Kids!

Welcome back guys! What have you been up to since the release of your debut single "Shaken"?

Since releasing "Shaken", we've been busy writing for the upcoming EP, along with playing some great venues with awesome production companies around Los Angeles. We are really excited to continue the hype that Shaken has brought us, and are lining up new content both musically and visually to continue growing as a band, and hopefully our fans will like what we have in store for them.

What does the track “Shaken” represent for you? Can you dive into the lyrics and tell us the meaning behind it?

Shaken is a song that has actually gone through quite a bit of lyrical revision. I great song is relatable so in order to achieve that we had to go through a discussion on what the initial idea meant to everyone in the band and try to identify where the strongest connection was. You can read this on paper and relate it not only to significant other but to other friends and family you may be incredibly close with and this highlights the lyric "We don't choose the ones we fall for, but we choose the ones who stay." We all would say that we love our friends and family, but sometimes relationships go through adversity, so this is a reflection of one that really "shook" me as a person but reminded me that belief is such a huge part of anything in life. So to "believe" that the best is yet to come is what we're really driving for in this.

How does the songwriting and recording process compare to live performance for you?

Writing is often a more theatrical process rather than normal. When I'm writing a song, I like to think visually about what this song is saying, almost like a movie in my head really. Once the song is more fleshed out, I think of what this should or feel like when it is performed live. I'm all about writing songs that I hope will get people excited and want to jump around at a show, and it's really cool to see what I have pictured in my mind, translate to a crowd.

Where is the best setting to listen to “Shaken"?

Windows down blasting in the car. This was how I vented as a teenager on a back road and this is who I write to today.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

I'm always inclined to give back to your roots, and not forget where you came from. So with that mind set, whenever the big break happens, I would love to do a tour of those small venues that took a chance on us and treated us well, and really just give back to them with a packed house and nothing but die-hard locals that have been there from day one.

What do you hope to achieve as a group through the end of 2019?

2019 is gonna be a mad dash to the finish with getting the EP tracked and mixed, plus new video content, merch and shows.

Check out "Shaken" here and keep up with Cold Weather Kids through Instagram!



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