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BuzzMusic Exclusive with Bay Area Native Juwan Rohan and His Action-Packed 2019

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Juwan Rohan is the epitome of an independent artist and finds himself compelled to tell his story through music. The rap artist focuses on inspiring his listeners and aims to create trends that galvanize the current industry. Comparable to notable artists such as J. Cole and Logic, Juwan brings something completely unique to the table. His music gives listeners a sense of community and togetherness while he tells his story and gives his perspective. 

If you’re new to Juwan Rohan’s music then you’re tuning in at the pinnacle moment, this year has been huge for the rising star. The highlights of the year include his hit singles “Mask Off”, which quickly amassed an incredible amount of streams, “F*ck B*tch” which is a hard hitting hip-hop anthem featuring J.E.T, and “Last Forever”, which is an introspective look at Juwan’s stride towards success. Among these singles and more, Juwan also dropped a full-length 9 track album titled “Stories Told”. The introduction track and my personal favorite “Double Entendre” is a dope new track from Juwan Rohan and includes a music video to match. Juwan Rohan’s concepts and ideas are refreshing and he’s absolutely an artist worth getting to know! Check out Juwan Rohan’s new music here and scroll down for more with the artist! 

Welcome back Juwan! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. Out of everything you’ve accomplished this year, what would you say you’re the proudest of? 

That's a great question. I'm proud of a lot of things I've done this year. #1 would be the fact that I became a dad back in April of this year and it's been such a blessing. I've been taking the time to really spend time with my son Zakai and focus on the family. All the music I've been releasing is old and the fans are loving it! I've definitely been back writing and recording so I guess I'd be most proud of my ability to continue to grind it out and work even though I barely have "me" time or rest anymore. So I'm extremely proud that I continue to keep going and never plan on giving up. The marathon continues!

Congrats on releasing so many singles AND a full-length album! It truly has been such an impressive year for you. What was the overall concept of “Stories Told” and how long was it in the making? Thank you so much! I've definitely planned to release that at the top of the year knowing I'd be a bit busy for the rest of the year with my son so I planned for that back in 2018. It actually wasn't such a long process to make the album, maybe 4 months. The hardest part for me was finding an order to kind of tell my story and what emotions I went through that year. Kind of goes in sequence to my emotions. The concept of the album was to piggy-back off of my first EP/album released in 2015; UNTOLD DIARIES. Stories Told was the sequel to that. The singles were oldies I've kept in the fault for rainy days.

Personally we were most engaged by the lyricism within “Double Entendre”! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics on this particular track? What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall sentiment? 

Double Entendre was so fun to write and record, so I definitely had to make a video to that. To me, this track was really the opening into my style, delivery, story, & emotion. I was so playful on the track and just wanted to have fun and show that I can rap. I think I did just that. I decided to use it as the intro to capture the listeners. My favorite lines are "I got some issues I know that I can't hide, but I try, so tonight, here's a lil somethin bout my life. What if I told you. I'm a no good n*gga but I'd do you better than the n*gga that's f*cking witcha. She told me that she worried bout my height. So then I walked up and told her b*tch you not my type" To me, this double entendre wasn't just about women... it could be about so many things like the music industry. Being denied by attention because of my "height" aka following, then my response is I don't need you! So again, one of my favorite tracks to write and really show my ability to rap.

The music video for “Double Entendre”  had a really creative touch beginning with a second date. What was the filming process like for you? Can we expect more new music videos in the near future? 

The music video process was such a long thought-out idea. I knew I wanted to make a fire video and I wanted someone good with the editing skills and could be playful with the concept of the video. I hit up Desire Lacap and we got to work on coming up with an idea of a date gone wrong. I had lots of fun!

What do you think it was about your singles “F*ck B*tch”, “Mask Off”, and “Last Forever” that made them so increasingly popular with your fan base? 

I think those songs really just stood out to the fans and new listeners because those are upbeat songs that match the tempo everyone is vibing to nowadays, BUT I still got the chance to express myself on those tracks and talk some real and that's why they like it.

Thanks so much for catching up with us! What are you working on currently? We’re always looking forward to hearing more from you.

Right now, I just finished up a collaborate album with my homie MC.Also be on the lookout for that dropping at the end of the year :)I'm performing November 23rd, 2019 at the Dax show in SF so if you're a Bay Area native reading this, come support!


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