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Catching Up With Mac Woodz Upon His Latest Release Of "Bicoastal"

Hey Mac Woodz! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Can you dive into some details of the lyrics in your track “Bicoastal”? 

Bicoastal is the title track to my upcoming album, BICOASTAL. I wanted to make my first full length project a theme. I’m from the north side of Atlanta, a small town called Powder Springs. But California is such a big piece of my life that I wanted to just highlight that, you know?

How were you able to achieve the perfect mixture of West coast and Southern flavors in this track? 

It’s real. It’s no cap in my raps. I really come from this. I really grew up being a kid and listening to Kilo Ali in my mom’s Isuzu Rodeo. I remember hearing OutKast blasting out guys cars riding down the street as a kid. I remember the first time I heard Gucci and future and Skooly and all this these people that influence Atlanta’s sound. I remember coming to California and being captivated by it all. So it’s just embedded in me so making the music was so natural. 

If people only have time to check out one track from your collection which would you recommend, and why?

I love my entire catalog but Bicoastal really is a dope song. It really sets you up for what my album is gonna be. It’s the perfect intro to an album that’s gonna show my influences and versatility. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this project.

What are the main values you want to represent as an artist right now?

Family is big for me. Being loyal is another. Just in a world full up slime people, I just wanted people to see that friends and family that stick together and uplift each other there is nothing y’all can’t do. My mom treats my business partner Maanz like another son. We break bread together. Be a pure person. Don’t let any of these toxic outside forces break what you and your people build. 

What are your main aspirations going forward in hip hop?

I just want to be heard. I really feel like I’m dope. I really feel like the game is saturated with similar sounds. And just people trying to sound the same. I really think i got something here. BICOASTAL, the album ON THE WAY!


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