Catching Up With Rags And Riches

Hey guys welcome back! What have you been up to since your debut release of "Speed Of Sound"!?

Hey! Thank you for bringing us back. We had our first EP 'Arrival' come out June 21st. Since then, we have been touring pretty heavily and wrapped up 'THE SHOCKWAVE TOUR'. Also, we have been working on two new singles with music videos coming out this year. 

What can you tell us about your new single "Not A Stranger"? What does this release represent for you? 

'Not A Stranger' is special song to Peyton and I (Tanner). This song is about overcoming self-doubt and staying true to yourself. We believe this song is going to help many people step out of doubt or personal fears and be themselves.

How has your fanbase grown since your impressive debut? 

It has continued to grow and is now allowing us to book shows all over the United States. We have two larger tours planned with the first being October 2nd-December 7th and the second tour starting January 29th and wrapping up March 14th. So, with those two tours we are expecting things to really sky rocket in 2020 for the band.

Can we expect a longer project in the near future? 

We have some larger projects planned for 2020 and you can get a sneak peak at a lot of those songs at any of our live shows!

Are you stoked for your upcoming tour this fall? Where will it take you?

Absolutely! With the 'Not A Stranger Tour' set to kick off October 2nd-December 7th, we are expecting things to really pick up for RAGS AND RICHES. We also have one final single planned for later this year with a music video to complete the beginning trilogy of our first three videos. 

Do you have any other projects or events you'd like to share with our readers?

We would love to see and meet all of the 'Buzz Music' readers out at our upcoming shows! Also, be on the look out for the final single of the year, 'Light It Up' very soon! 


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