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Cathyy Reflects On The Past Over A Cup Of "Black Coffee"

Sending us into a daydream is the hopelessly romantic singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Cathyy with her latest heartwarming single, "Black Coffee."

Cathyy never shies away from wearing her heart on her sleeve. With passionate releases like "Snake Bite," Kiss You Goodnight," and "Roxanne," Cathyy continuously swoons listeners into her magical pop world. With her main musical influence being Taylor Swift, Cathyy offers profoundly sincere tracks that help us get to know her in every way possible.

The relatable recording artist recently released her breathtaking tune, "Black Coffee," which tugs on every heartstring with vulnerable lyrics, lush instrumentals, and heaps of passion. We can totally hear Cathyy's Taylor Swift influences shine through on this track; she perfectly sends listeners into those reflective moments where you crave nothing more than sipping on some "Black Coffee" in a French cafe with someone special.

Expanding on the new single, "Black Coffee," the experience begins with Cathyy's breathy and fluttery vocals alongside powerful and cinematic piano melodies. As she begins expressing her memories with a loved one and wanting to head back to the good times, she takes us over to the shimmering hook without a dull moment.

While expanding on her memories of those precious moments, Cathyy channels all the passion and power she can find and sends us off on a passionate daydream. We love the relatable feel of this track, and we're sure any listener will appreciate Cathyy's warmth, tenderness, and vulnerability that showcases her lingering passion for someone special.

Reflect on the past over a hot cup of "Black Coffee" with help from Cathyy's new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cathyy. We adore the warmth and passion within your recent single, "Black Coffee." What inspired you to create this loving and tender piece?

Hi, Thanks for listening! So I had the song idea at 6 am one morning. I was missing this person I had dated for two months, and even though the romance was short-lived, it was still impactful. I would remember small details about her, such as how she took her coffee and how we used to text good morning.

Was it easy for you to open your heart when writing the lyrics for "Black Coffee?" Did your passionate words flow with ease?

Yes, it was very easy to open my heart, I wanted the song to be very sincere, and I think it came across that way in the end, which I'm happy with!

What did you want the listener to picture and feel when experiencing "Black Coffee?" Did you want the song to trigger any thoughts or emotions?

Yeah, I suppose since the song was about missing someone and appreciating the memories you had, I wanted to make the listener reflect on their own "black coffee person" - and hopefully not feel any bitterness towards the person, but rather some fondness.

How does "Black Coffee" differ from your previous singles? What makes this song stand out from the rest?

I really like how this song starts out kind of slow and balladry on the piano, but once the handclaps come in and the beat grabs your attention, it takes the song to a whole new level of emotion. I think it's more mature than my other singles. It's one of my only songs which doesn't have the word "Love" included in the lyrics because it's not a love song, not really. I wasn't in love with this person. I didn't know this person long enough to determine that feeling, but I certainly liked this person, I liked this person a lot, and this is a very wholesome song about liking someone that much. And in hindsight, it was nice to be liked back in that same way.

What's next for you?

I filmed a music video for this single, so hopefully, I will get more views on that. I have a gig with my band "Rosaic" at the end of May at o2 Academy2 Islington in London, UK. And I want to write more songs, in general, this summer, and hopefully, they will reach the right people.


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