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Cathyy Shows That Age is Nothing But a Number in "23"

Hailing from North London, Cathyy reigns as an independent Singer and Songwriter. She uses her music as a vessel to discover deeply felt emotion and to heal from unrequited love and anxiety.

Cathyy’s sound is built around acoustic guitars and the stunning sound of pianos before adding a full band sound to bring her compositions together. Known for her exploration of a range of different sensations she produces records from sadness, darkness, compassion, and forgiveness.

The delicate and empowering ambiance surrounding “23,” embraces you upon emotional impact. Delving into the quality sentiments felt in the chaotic ventures life can bring, a record of this caliber allows you to feel the music more than you hear it.

Upon first glance, you would find the instrumentation to be minimalistic but instead of taking away from this record, the modest elegance of the reverberated acoustic guitars filling your headphones in a blissful utopia. The sophisticated feature of this allows Cathyy's crisp vocals to stand out as a centerpiece as you are transported to her headspace.

Cathyy captures the wholesome epitome of the message she conveys in “23” to listeners far and wide. Focusing her attention on a story of life passing right by, she shines a spotlight on the main character in this storyline being alone at the age of 23 wondering where the time has gone.

As she makes it known that regardless of what phase we’re in, we’re all allowed to be influenced by our emotions as that is how life intended it to be. Cathyy’s striking vocalization and intricate details in this record make it so you can see the aura surrounding her and the music she carefully crafts. With content like this, Cathyy remains unstoppable.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cathyy, and congratulations on the release of your latest record “23.” Putting forth a vulnerable performance in this song, we would love to know; what events inspired the meaning behind “23?"

Thank you for listening to the song! I was scrolling through my Instagram, and I think we all have this habit where we can't help but compare our lives to the people we follow. I saw a friend from the first school I ever went to, and she was 22 like me but she was pregnant, and she had found the love of her life and she found her career and she was settled, and I thought that was so interesting because I feel kind of lost still. I saw another post about a girl I was friends with, who I didn't even know was gay but she moved into a new flat with her girlfriend and again she was my age. I saw another post about my friends who were in a band and we're doing well, another post about a guy who seemed happy but I knew behind the scenes he was using drugs and alcohol to get through the day. These people became characters in my song, and all I did was just change the names.

With inspirations such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer, how do you allow these artists to speak into your creations?

Well I grew up listening to a lot of acoustic Ed Sheeran stuff and I've loved every single Taylor Swift album, I admire the way they aren't afraid to express their vulnerability through lyrics. If you listen to the rest of my debut album you can see the lyrical influences from them. John Mayer is such an incredible guitarist, I work with a musician called Adam, who I get to do John Mayer influenced guitar riffs and solos in some of my stuff.

How was the creative process for “23” different from any other songs you have arranged?

This was pretty much a "one-take" session live in the studio. Just me and an acoustic guitar, it's quite different from my other releases but it's still very authentically me.

What would you like your listeners to take away from your music in terms of themes and messages?

I would hope that my listeners recognize themselves in the lyrics and themes of "23," I think we all feel like we should be rushing through our 20's, rushing to find a secure job, relationship, secure everything but when we lose ourselves in all of that, we forget that we are actually still young. We should enjoy the little things in life, I realize now that I might not have my own house and I might not be getting married or earning loads of money in my dream job right now but I am still happy with where I am, with how I look and with the things I get to do in my own life, that not many of my friends can say they do. The point is we are all meant to live our own unique lives and I wouldn't change where I am because I know, I'm on my way to something even greater.

Do you have any goals with your music going into the new year?

Yes, my biggest goal in 2021 is releasing a second album in February, called "Romantic Psycho" which will have more electric guitar, more pop drums, and lots of catchy melodies about the ups and downs of being in love, and also songs about friendship breakups. I'm not sure if I'll be able to gig, due to everything that's going on in the world right now but I do hope I can still gain a bigger following on my social media platforms.


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