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Ceesar Takes Full Advantage of the Summer's Collaborative Spirit With New Single, "Day 2 Day"

The Canadian artist mixing moody, melodic and sensual musical creations under the moniker "Ceesar" is specialized in bestowing any production he touches with an enamoring glow, courtesy of his strikingly melodic toplines that garnish songs like "Drunkin Text," a three-minute-long escapade that feels like an RnB-fusion expedition through the celestials.

But this year, as we reach the tail end of August, Ceesar takes full advantage of the summer's collaborative spirit with EP 'Hustle & Passion,' his latest addition to the explosive hooks found in the Ottawan's magnetically attracting catalog, with his co-producer Lynx by his side.

With a backdrop of samples that radiate the same heat as the star we orbit around, "Day 2 Day" trumpets upward into the stratosphere the same way the chorus foreshadows the young budding artist's career trajectory. Amongst a collaboration of skittering sixteenth notes and a wholesome low-end, that's sure to recede any bass junkies guttural cravings, Ceesar's futuristically affected vocals complete the adhesive melody of the topline, "you can tell I'm on my, on my way to fame, you can tellin I'm living it, killing it day to day."

Ceesar sings with ominous depth as the echoing reflections of his monochromatic voice dissipate back into the most picturesque parts of our mind, where R&B meets a whole new universe of new-wave vibes.

It's as if Ceesar and Lynx formulated a masterplan in osmosing our attention away from any shouldering musical newcomer who lacks in moody luster and gritty brightness, as they utilize "Day 2 Day" and all its boastful themes as their centerpiece in this crafty stratagem of bringing our ears to their rightful home this summer. 


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