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Celiane Dominates with Theatrical Performance on Newest Release:"Systematic"

A symphony of cascading synths welcomes you into Celiane's new song "Systematic," as Celiane's celestial voice takes your hand and guides you down a melodic journey.

Hailing from the Bay Area, California, Celiane uses her charisma and passion for music, creating diverse soundscapes that complete her Electronica Hip Hopera.

The bold lyrical content is sung with prowess and signature as Celiane bathes the listener in meaningful symphonious verses. "I am smart and I am strong, I create all day long," is a verse delivered by a robotic-like voice accompanied by elevating synths that explode around the sphere of sound. You experience a powerful auditory adventure through the delivery of this computerized voice as Celiane delivers a call to action that invigorates the listener to climb that insurmountable summit they may be grappling within their lives. 

"Systematic" is an electrified opera experience; and we categorize it this way because a typical opera performance is depicted by a dramatic artistic performance that combines a highly technical musical score, through a theatrical outlet of production- and that is exactly what Celiane has created.

We are certain you will be entranced by Celiane's otherworldly voice and amplified aura of sound. "Systematic" has rushed in a new era of Electronica Hip Hopera.

Discover "Systematic" here

"Systematic" has a very full soundscape really creating a full environment of sound. In what ways do you hone in on a particular feeling that drives the sound and overall tone of a project?

When I make music I listen to the aesthetic sound of the piece. I think about how it makes me feel. Does it make me grove? Do the words fit into those feelings? We generally create around the words. For Systematic, I created the music first, and then I wrote words to it, but it takes a long time. I let the music drive it sometimes and sometimes it is the lyrics, but I go on what I feel.

In what ways do you center yourself before you sit down and compose a piece?

When I get a feeling that I think can be expressed in a song, I meditate on it. I dig into the real feelings in me and behind the music and as I create. I see what feels right. I create it piece by piece literally.

Your style infuses a significant amount of emotional range. Why do you feel the importance of incorporating emotion into your art is so pivotal to the outcome of your work?

People are emotional. Most people’s actions are driven by emotion. And I am an emotional person at times. The human side of me. Other times, I am the technology side, cold to some, and logical. I wanted something people that are screaming, laughing, crying, raging, etc. can relate to. Something they could wrap their arms around and say, “She gets it!” What we call the “in-between” spaces. The unsaid spaces. The spaces where you can’t express the emotion but you feel something strongly. I wanted to share it with them.

What's next for you?

What is next is Performing when things open up, a comic book, and many other artistic adventures. I am trying to perform for ComicCons and other technology game-based gatherings. Creating as much as I can and getting out in front of my fans with the message of love.



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