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Celine & The Blue Has Our Attention With Lucious New Single "Just You"

The female fronted band, Celine & The Blue started when the band members met at The Academy of Contemporary Music which later brought them together to release “Just You” in summer of 2018. This song is what brought the members together and created a powerful unbreakable bond between them. Since then, the band draws a lot of their inspiration from Tom Misch, Lianne La Havas and FKJ while maintaining their own original sound.

The bands most recent single "Just You" has a cool and groovy sound that really captures you in the moment. The bass line is what drives the song forward along with a xylophone sound in the back which adds to their fun vibe. Celine’s vocals are bright and fun which seems to radiate throughout the whole band. The guitar solo and added harmonies are also really fun to listen to as the whole song comes together. The song itself is very sensual as we feel the emotions seep through the instrumental and voices. By the end of the song, and when the final chord that is played, Celine holds out such a pretty note that will leave you in awe. A colorful blend of very talented musicians that will sure to be pleasing to your ears is everything you can expect from Celine & The Blue. "Just You" is everything you need on your feel-good summer playlist!

Listen to "Just You" here and get to know more about Celine & The Blue in our interview below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about yourselves and your music?

Hello and thank you! We are Céline & The Blue. Céline on vocals, Enea on keys, Jay on guitar, Horatiu on bass, and Elliot on drums. We met at university, started playing together by chance, and loved the energy between us. We all come from different countries, which is something that definitely influences our music, creating blurred lines between genres. Our debut single "Just You", for example, is a funky soul piece, while our next single is going to be jazzier and more sophisticated. It is important for us to always include new elements from new origins to come up with refreshing music while still maintaining our sound identity. We'd describe what we write and play as colourful; sometimes playful and other times heartfelt.

Can you explain the story and meaning behind “Just You”?

"Just You" illustrates the infatuation between new lovers who dance together for the first time. The title obviously suggests that out of "so many people here", the love interest "is the one with the halo". The whole song plays on senses to embody the image of the two dancing: the hands are "going with the tempo", the "feet are lifting off this floor", they are "dancing in the mirror" and later leave "all the noise behind". We wanted it to be a fun piece that explores the theme of passion. It's actually inspired by the real life of the two songwriters!

What is the process like for writing music with your band?

Enea, keys player, comes up with a chord progression, upon which Céline builds a topline melody and lyrics. They then bring it to the band where Jay provides the leading guitar melody, sometimes also writing solos, Horatiu gives his groove with the bass line and Elliot defines the flow of the song. Obviously this is an indicative template of how it usually goes; with every song comes a different process, sometimes more organised, sometimes stressful, other times it feels natural and sometimes it takes a long time. Whatever the case, seeing the songs come to life like this is the best part of all processes. We share so many ideas, help each other out and everyday become greater friends. 

Did each of you contribute to the lyrical content of the song?

Céline and Enea wrote the lyrics for "Just You". Jay also wanted his guitar solo to be an extension of the lyrics; we (everyone else from the band) think that he did such an amazing job at giving the song that extra expressive quality that is harder to achieve with an instrument and no lyrics.

What can we expect to hear next?

We just released our first song, but we already have another one ready, which is going to be out so soon! We are so so excited about it! We are also heading back to the studio at the end of June for other exciting projects. Our aim now is to consolidate our portfolio to provide material to potential listeners, gig more in the south of the UK to grow our network and learn from others. We are beyond buzzing for the future!


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