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Cenred Releases “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer” And We Are Definitely Dancing

Australian based musician Cenred, pronounced ‘Chenred’, is a composer and producer who has released numerous albums over the past 15 years. With his music appearing on compilations in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, Cenred’s album “Amplitude” has won a number of awards with prestigious international A & R magazine including best production and best album. He has written a large amount of material and “S.A.G.E.” is his newest release that has been receiving great reviews and feedback.

“Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer” is a mix up of genres that is bound to get you up and dancing. With a combination of various vivacious sounds that have a very electric vibe that blends with an indie feel, this track is the perfect mixture of melodies, unique tones and a dashing voice. The lyrics in “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer” are well written with metaphors mixed throughout and are beautifully presented by a David Bowie sounding voice and gorgeous subtle harmonies. I felt like I was transported to the Outback of Australia underneath the hot sun listening to the upbeat and earthy tones of “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer”. The album artwork for ‘S.A.G.E.’ gives you a beautiful picture to help your mind wander while listening to this eclectic tune. If you are looking for a song that has fantastic beats, unique guitar rhythms, trumpet-like sounds, and lyrics that are creative and meaningful then “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer” is the song for you! Keep an eye out for Cenred the up and coming Australian artist who is defining a new genre.

Listen to “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer” here and get to know more about Cenred below!

Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you found your sound.

I am classically trained ’Aussie’ male musician, composer and producer who has won a number of international awards …  with some of my works featuring  on various compilations /  playlists (Europe, UK and  US). Interestingly, there  is a  whole spiritual undercurrent underpinning  my creative work, and although I realise this could be an instant turn off for many people including fans, this isnot religion related. The fact is that countless hours of deeper meditation has shown me the potential we all have, what we really are, what we can become. That is the message of my newest album called ’S.A.G.E.’ Indeed the catch cry for S.A.G.E. is ”Let it take you higher” – unique music with universal  appeal…In terms of getting that unique sound, I  place a huge amount of importance on production quality! I have a love for a deep clear bass sound, non monotonous, driving rhythm sections, arresting  multi part harmonies, strong melodies, well thought through guitar riffs and interesting / meaningful lyrics … lyrics that have a story to tell, lyrics that listeners can relate to. Yes, so putting  all of that together and you get that unique “Ćenred sound’”. I am also a management consultant to many of Australia’s better known corporations - in the areas of change management, business transformation and project management, and have written  a reference  book on the subject. And to top that off, I am also a  skilled magician / illusionist, performing for professional clients, charities and at private functions. So I wear a few hats, but it is ultimately through music where I feel I can add something back. Please refer to ‘Amplitude - Cenred’ on Apple Music etc. This is an award winning double instrumental album.

What is the meaning behind “Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer”?

‘Mother Earth This Stellar Dancer’ is the first single from the album S.A.G.E., and  delivers a powerful environmental message against a driving backdrop of vocals and a driving rhythm section. It refers to our beautiful planet - ‘Earth’ - as our ‘great provider’. There is no doubt that this is the case, we are totally dependent on the land, air and sea for our survival, yet here we are as a species, mindlessly ’razing’ and plundering this amazing place i.e. the very ‘hand that feeds us’.

The accompanying video clearly shows this.

What is your favourite part about being a composer as well as a producer and have there been any challenges in doing both?

In reality, a composer is creating something from nothing. If a musician composes something that is highly original and unique, it can be quite exhilarating - we feel like we are touching something very deep and personal within our innermost selves. To me, composing is like seeing a jigsaw appear right there in front of me, which now needs to be solved.  It is like the original music is already there, I hear the song and see the arrangement, and now I simply  have to find the pieces and fill in the gaps!!  And these ‘pieces’ are the instruments, the vocals, the production, the engineering and the mastering. Regarding being a producer. Well musicians in this modern age are fortunate, as the production tools available to them are quite sophisticated and - provided they have a ‘good ear’ and have an understanding and the experience of what production is all about eg tempos, choice of instruments, vocal arrangements, effects, compression etc  etc   - then musicians can produce very professional results. S.A.G.E. is a great example, many people have commented on the high production standard and quality of this work, and to achieve this result, many such professional production tools were used. In terms of challenges, the only two challenges I have had with composition and production are my innate perfectionism and time!! y perfectionism is good and bad, it drives me to raise the bar, yet on the other hand can result in unnecessarily spending time on things tha may not matter anyway - as people could not tell the difference. For example, the level of a particular harmony, or the mix/saturation level of a reverb or the type of reverb. Regarding time, OK It may be wonderful fun, and here we are doing what we love most - music,  but in this, the most competitive  of industries (music), to get a musical piece to world class standard - takes practice and time, no matter how talented you are. One can make many mistakes, but as long as one has the time to sort them out, otherwise it is pointless. 

How did you first find that passion for creating music and what has kept you inspired?

When I was younger  I studied pianoforte at the Melbourne University Conservatorium of Music, in fact, I got 100% across a number of years. I then went on to form a number of bands. 

It was when I realised I had a gift for composition … that was when the fire really started to burn.

Plus, to me there are few things more satisfying then hearing the sound of a beautifully tuned deep snare drum, or toms, or a gorgeous deep pure bass sound (without getting technical but as much ‘sine wave’ based as possible), I have a  beautiful Les Paul Gibson guitar and hearing that ‘sing’ when coming out of a few Boss Pedals  …. magic. Then, as mentioned above, considering all of these components, having some strong original compositions .. putting the jigsaw together, and hearing the result through a good pair of pro speakers  - this is a ‘gift'. Nowadays, what keeps me inspired are my altruistic and lofty goals,. These are to have  as many people as possible positively affected, uplifted and themselves inspired by my musical work!

Any new projects can we expect to see from you in 2019

The formal release of S.A.G.E. is May 2019, however I have written a vast amount of material, much of it is already recorded. My intention is to have a new album our later this year or early next year 2020. It will be titled ‘Mieylo’. This is a musical opus, ‘Mieylo' being the name of a mysterious mystical being who travels from one end of the galaxy to the other … and the musical arrangements will reflect these travels. The album will be supported by a whole range of other, entirely new, unique songs and musical pieces .I hope ‘Mieylo’ will be well worth waiting for.

Lastly, dependent on how well S.A.G.E. goes commercially, there is also the possibility of playing ‘live’, but we will take that one as it comes.


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