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Cenzina Is Sky High In Her New Single, “Airplane Mode”

We adore when artists continue to push the genre boundaries instilled into music from the dawn of time.

How can you get someone to fit in a box when they're much more than a mold to conform to? Vancouver artist Cenzina defies these genres, and her hybrid approach to the style and influence she embodies makes her stand out.

From alternative and classic rock to hip-hop and R&B, the sound she emanates is a force to be reckoned with as she graciously shares her music acoustically and with her band, members of The Project Vancity.

Here's to the live performances that will leave you feeling intimately connected to an artist and emotionally fueled, precisely what we know a Cenzina performance to manifest.

Her most recent single, "Airplane Mode," is a diamond that shines brightly on releases that indie artists are popping out. Pure passion and divine energy have this record wrapped in warmth and poignancy - and she does it all effortlessly.

Cenzina masters her craft in a way that keeps us on our toes as she is ever-evolving through this journey of life and on her music career. The honeyed croons that she divulges have her pairing a bright yet smokey vocal to emphasize the poetic storytelling she pulls from the depths of her soul.

It's not just her velvety vocals that remain a staple in "Airplane Mode;" it's how the composition jives. The raw essence of it sweeps you off your feet and draws you into her gravitational pull.

You can find Cenzina casting powerful key progressions, all while she projects the delicate and picturesque lyrical motifs she's crafted ever so carefully. Accompanied by her band - this live-off-the-floor rendition is breathtaking and comforting.

Recorded during an intimate performance at Vancouver's iconic Hipposonic Studios, you could say Cenzina is a one-take wonder the way "Airplane Mode" came out after this innermost session of melodic charm and fluttering melodies.

Listen to "Airplane Mode" now on your favorite streaming platform.



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